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The Ghost of Jacob Marley

No description

Brandon Morgan

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Ghost of Jacob Marley

The Ghost of Jacob Marley Who is Jacob Marley? Jacob Marley was Scrooge's business partner and only friend. Jacob was as cold and heartless as Scrooge. They were all about business and not about friendships and getting to close to people. How does Marley influence Scrooge? Marley was the only person that Scrooge really was close to. Scrooge was always cold and heartless but when Marley died, Scrooge just hit rock bottom. He did not want be around anyone and became even more of a Grinch. Marley was the key to Scrooge changing his ways and becoming the person that Marley was not. Marley's Quotes 1. "In life, I was your partner Jacob Marley." This quote really opens
Scrooge's eyes and becomes frighted of what Marley is going to say next.
2. "Business! Mankind was my business! Their common welfare was my business!" This quote gives Scrooge an idea of what will happen if he follows in Marley's footsteps and continues to be a greedy man. 3. "I wear the chain I forged in life! I made it link by link and yard by yard! I gartered it on of my own free will and by my own free will, I wore it!" This shows how terrible the outcome of Scrooge staying a greedy man will be. Marley's Appearence 1. Chains- shows how Marley is chained down by his pass and how he is eternally punished for the coldness and greed that he had choose to pursue in life. 2. Jaw Bound by a Cloth- shows that Marley is not living but is a spirit 3. Cold Features (Crooked Nose, Tight Jaw, Mean Glare)- shows how bitter and mean of a man Marley is and shows Scrooge what will happen if he ends up like Marley.
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