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Karina Duckitt

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Music


Group 5 Wiki
Karina Duckitt
Joon Jede
Krischan Keller

Origins Of Genres
According to music expert,
Tim Grierson, Rock and Roll
first originated in the United
States and was introduced in
the late 1940s and early 1950’s. The accented sound can be identified by the use of key instruments such as electric guitars, bass and drums.

Rock music has evolved over the years with many different forms and varied music styles influenced by society, cultural races and fashion trends (About Entertainment, 2015).
Music is a universal medium enjoyed by millions, which has generated an entertainment industry today worth billions of dollars. Throughout history music has taken on various functions and effects, from defining cultural groups to bonding people socially.

It can be subdivided into many different genres, each with its own distinct characteristics, origins and fluctuations in popularity.
Music Genres
Contemporary R&B
Reference list
Major Music Events
Credibility Overview
Jazz music was born in New Orleans in the early stages of the twentieth century. It's main evolution was contributed by the African Americans whom started singing folk songs theming tragedies of slavery and plantation life in the south (Schuller, 2014).
The term “Pop music”
originated in the 1920’s and
is a generic term used to
describe music that is current
and popular. Modern pop music
derived itself from Rock n Roll in
the 1950’s, when alternative rock
music was increasing in
popularity (Kay, 2015).
Famous Artists
Usher can be classified as one
of the most successful and
famous contemporary R&B artists.
According to Billboard.com, Usher’s
elevated in 1997 when he released
his inaugural album with the first
single topping the R&B charts for 11
straight weeks.

Having sold over approximately 40 million
albums worldwide and with five Grammy
awards to his name, Usher is still one of
R&B’s hottest artists today (Billboard.com, 2015).

The most famous artists in pop music involve Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga. However, the Beatles were arguably the most influential pop group. The Beatles have thirty one top ten albums charted in the U.S. (Caulfield & Trust, 2013).
According to Rolling
stone magazine (2011), Jimi
Hendrix is one of the top 10
greatest artists of all
time. He was a man that was
synonymous with
rock music, as his
unique ability
redefined what
could be done with a guitar.
between Genres
Rock music emphasises the use of simple unsyncopated rhythms, guitar riffs and loud amplified instruments. Typically, rock groups consist of a vocalist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist, drummer and occasionally a keyboardist (Laing, 2003).
Distinguishing country music
from the Blues can be determined
by the types of instruments used
and the differing musical beats and
rhythms. Country music focuses
more on the sound of stringed
instruments such as banjos and
guitars whereas Blues music is
generated from the use of
harmonicas, electric keyboard
and drums (Country Outfitter, 2014).
Music genres are determined
by their instruments and
rhythm. R&B differs from the
rock genre, due to its
predominant use of the guitar
(Miller, 2014). While R&B
incorporates more drum backed
rhythms with the occasional
jazz feel.
The birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, plays host to the one of the major music events of the year, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The festival started in 1970 and has showcased many great artists such as Fats Domino, Harry Connick Jr, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald (NO Jazz Fest, 2015).
The North Sea Jazz Festival headlines well known contemporary R&B artists including Chaka Khan and Lalah Hathaway. Despite the huge number of performances, the North Sea Jazz Festival is renowned for maintaining an intimate atmosphere despite the number of performances and visitors attending in conjunction (North Sea Jazz Magazine, 2015).
Pop singer Katy Perry has numerous fan clubs in her honour, however the Katy Perry Fan Club account on Facebook consists of over 32,000
members with its own
dedicated official website connecting fans around the
world. The site is useful in providing information on upcoming concert dates, new music, latest news, online merchandise, photos, videos and charity work (Katy Perry Fan Club,
Country music nation is a
dedicated site that informs it’s consumers with the latest music, stories and controversies involving country artists. The site emphasises the connections of social media with their work and audience. This is evident with their facebook page having over three million ‘likes’
(Country Music Nation, 2015).
Jazz Blast is an Internet Fan club, with over 54,000 Facebook likes (Shore, 2015). It provides users with access to Jazz wine clubs, as well as the ability to post new music, and provides information about upcoming concerts, news, events, photos and videos.
Metzger's Checklist (2007) was used to ensure the online sources were credible and reliable. The
accuracy of the sources was verified via independent and reliable external sources, whilst authority was upheld by reviewing authors or organisations associated with the sources. An objective writing style was used in most sources without any conflicts of interest identified, whilst currency and coverage of
the sources were maintained, publication dates up to date and comprehensive information provided.
Beatles (2009)
Music is deeply rooted in our society and in all
cultures. Music genres have come from diverse
and distant backgrounds making them unique and
distinctive. However, as modern music continues to
branch out and develop new genres and sub genres, styles of music that are influenced by several genres are becoming more popular.

Many artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Katy Perry, Usher,
The Beatles and Michael Jackson have transcended
music or defined their generation. The ability of these
artists to captivate audiences has resulted in
numerous music events dedicated to their genre and influenced the creation of several fan sites in their
honour. Overall, Metzger’s checklist proved the sources
used to gain this information were reliable and credible.

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Country music is now the most popular genre in the US (Mann, 2008, NPD Group 2013). The rise in popularity has
brought on major
music events such as The Maximum Country Music
and Camping festival, which has major headline artists such as country singer Lee Brice, performing at the festival (Thundera Multimedia, 2015).
Lee Brice/ Country Throwdown (2011) <http://bit.ly/1RBwpaU>
Katy Perry (2013)
Karyn Rochelle, Country music
hall of fame (2010)
Artist woman singing concert in jazz club (2009) <http://bit.ly/1AV7KDG>
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