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Formation Of Galaxies

No description

Lourdes Del Muro

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Formation Of Galaxies

Formation Of Galaxies By: Isabel Solares, Brooke Tarver, Jayy Hogan and Lourdes Del Muro A galaxy that does not have a clearly defined shape and structure of the typical galaxies, but it still has ton of gas, dust, and stars It is the processes that formed a heterogeneous universe from a homogeneous beginning. Spiral Galaxy The Spiral Galaxy is a flat rotating disk that has stars, gas, and dust. Irregular Galaxy Elliptical Galaxy A elliptical galaxy is a galaxy that is egg shapes and has smooth featureless profile. The Formation of the Galaxy What is a galaxy? A galaxy is a vast, gravitationally bound that has a collection of billions of stars.
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