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Welcome to Algebra 2


Amanda Choren

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to Algebra 2

Welcome to AFM Mrs. Choren Prerequisites Algebra 1
a 4 on the Algebra 1 EOC
Geometry Honors
at least a B average
at least a 3 on the Geometry EOC Supplies Classroom Procedures 1. Put your homework in the folder.
2. Take your assigned seat.
3. Get everything out for the day: calculator, computer, etc
4. Complete the Warm - Up. Mrs. Choren About Me 9th year teaching/1st year at LCS
Undergraduate degree from UNC - Chapel Hill
Master of Arts in Teaching from UNC - Charlotte
National Board Certified
Married 8 years
Have a 17 month old son
Have 2 dogs: Cosmo and Toby Grading Scale EVERY day you will need
Notebook paper
Graphing Calculator
Positive Attitude
3 - Prong Notebook Tests/Projects: 35%
Quizzes: 25%
Homework: 20%
Classwork: 20%

Final Exam: MSL (Measure of Student Learning) - State test, will count 25% of your final grade NO CELLPHONES! Other Electronic Listening Devices
MAY be allowed later in the semester If caught with one:
1. Warning
2. Taken and you can pick up in the front office
along with a parent contact
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