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ANA Corporate

No description

Ahmad Dubai

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of ANA Corporate

What is ANA? ANA is a convenient privilege schema, aiming at improving the lifestyle of Dubai-based corporate executives ANA deals are accessible through: 1 a webpage 2 a smartphone app ANA is made up of Competitive and exclusive offers, from premium and carefully selected brands in each sector, designed to match with and to enhance your employees' lifestyle Prospect Corporates 513 employees 993 employees 1027 employees 434 employees 1268 employees 350 employees 1805 employees 1713 employees 750 employees 342 employees 1186 employees Through ANA, the corporate Gets a branded schema named "ANA company" (e.g. ANA Etisalat, ANA Aramex, etc.)
Promotes good habits amongst its employees through wellness-related offers, quit-smoking programs, etc.
Provides its employees with creative, non-financial benefits, contributing to the feeling of loyalty, satisfaction, and the retention of talents within the company
Gains access to live reporting of usage, as well as a communication plan for the launch and for maintenance
Can use the ANA smartphone app as a corporate intranet, to post news, updates and surveys ANA is Existing corporate offers can be incorporated into the ANA branded schema, and hence made available through the app
Certain offers can be eliminated as per the corporate policies
Corporates can choose which employees to make part of the schema (not less than 200, though)
Corporates can arrange special-occasion offers, like anniversary offers
Barter deals can be included
Printed vouchers are available, but not encouraged Flexible ANA is A list of eligible employees and their respective corporate IDs is exchanged monthly between ANA and the corporate
Further means of control are: photo matching, the prevention of concurrent app usage, and a strict redemption mechanism
In addition, the ANA platform provides support for counted offers, and automatic assertion of matching the offer constraints
All communication is sent via the HR, no direct access for ANA administration to the corporate employees Controlled Make your expat employees feel at home away from home by giving them access to ANA's cultural-day and religious-day offerings
(a feature that can be disabled on demand) ANA is Cheerful Make your employees feel special, and an intimate part of your organization by giving them access to exceptional deals on their particular, and verified date of birth ANA is Warm and Personal Free Example of offers complimentary coffee from 8:30AM-9:30AM on Saturdays Discount 15% off on all products Upgrade Buy 2 coffees get one free ANA customer service Schema launch includes an on-site helpdesk (to help setting up the app)
Advertisement plan includes elevator branding, rollups, and intranet ads
24/7 customer service phone line and a convenient live chat
A weekly e-newsletter sent to the employees through the HR A dedicated account manager
24/7 customer service
Live website reports
Frequent newsletter, informing the corporate of the latest news of ANA and its community Means of communication ANA is NOT... How does it work Prospect Merchants Expansion Plan Year 2 Year 3 Years 4 -5 Add concierge services such as car renewal, professional services
Introduce optional family plan Expand merchants to the rest of the UAE
Introduce premium plans specific to companies' senior management staff Build regional network of privileges Agree on trial pilot for one month, free of charge, with no commitment
A branded smartphone-app prototype is provided
The schema is launched to include internal branding, awareness campaign
Satisfaction is evaluated after the first month
Admittance fee is one dirham per day per employee ($100 per employee per year)
A contractual agreement is signed by ANA and the corporate
Contact people are appointed/assigned Next steps... Types of offers... Free (taste)
Time limited
Location limited
Personalized (e.g. birthday, nationality, gender) Through ANA, He/she never pays the full price again
Combined with the convenience of the smartphone app and the simple transaction model, this leads to a better customer experience
As a result, the employee feels proud of belonging to the company, through the social recognition associated with the corporate-owned benefits ANA is Live reporting of used offers, with customized filters
Meaningful feedback, through frequent employee polls and surveys
Offers can be limited by count per employee, per corporate, or through a total count Measurable life insurance Employees experience the benefits on daily basis
Offers are frequently updated
Rigid deal negotiation process, resulting in real and truly-exclusive discounts
A convenient and an accessible schema
Comprehensive communication solution Facts facts Dining Entertainment Education Wellness Autos Culture Family Travel Shopping Services Online Financial the employee is provided with dynamic, and continuously updated offers comprehensive set of offers around his/her own lifestyle personalized offers based on his/her profile and behavior This means that... social committee
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