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Safety and Security

No description

Melyssa Dominguez

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of Safety and Security

Door Lock Schedule
One of our front doors is set to be open all day long. One back door (off the Commons) is set to open for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon to accommodate kids arriving and leaving on buses. Other than these two doors, the rest of our doors are locked at all times.
Fire and Emergency Drills
Board policy requires that all schools conduct a fire or emergency drill monthly. Please understand that in order to properly simulate an emergency situation, staff will not be notified of exactly when these events will take place.
Building Emergency Response Team
Some Open School staff members are also members of the BERT team. This team will meet periodically to plan emergency drills and discuss processes related to emergencies. If you are on this team, you will know.
Safety and Security
Jefferson County Open School
Propping Exterior Doors
Please don’t. In certain kinds of emergency situations, it is possible for us to lock all exterior school doors at the touch of a button. If a door is physically propped open with a rock or other tool, this is no longer possible and student safety could be compromised.
Automatic External Defibrillators
Our school has two AEDs, located in public areas with easy access. The central wing device is located just inside the main entrance, and the west wing device is across from Jacob’s room. Use of these devices is extremely straightforward, as it has recorded messages that walk the user through the process. It also has detectors built into the chest pads that will only allow the device to be triggered in case of true cardiac distress. The cabinet itself is equipped with an alarm that goes off when the door is opened.
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