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Innovative Ways of Working

No description

Jacqui Martin

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Innovative Ways of Working

Augenhoehe Film Screening & Discussion
Glasgow City Chambers
March 22nd 2016

Working in


Film Insights
Support Required
Other Info

"Therapeutic abstinence "
No one viewed as external
Trust & respect
Self determination
Flatter hierarchies
Personal responsibility
Family - positivity
Limited growth - growth normally drives behaviour
Less about profitability

Take ownership
Culture is key
United behind purpose
What do people like to do & what are their skills
No one talked about pay
Sharing of knowlege and transparency
Encouraging staff to think outside box
No one found it scary
No plan/ no rules
No stress
Long term stability - reduced turnover
Happier workforce
Greater output / improved profitability
Job satisfaction/fulfillment
Problem solving
Multi skilling/tasking
Two way communication
Profit sharing
Price at work
Lower costs
Engagement & motivation
Increased happiness
Feeling valued
Impact on costs
Health benefits - lower absenteeism
Staff turnover reduced
Ambition - fostering employees to achieve more
Less fear of failure
Portfolio of work - encourage sharing of ideas
Board/ senior management
Trust and respect
Training & peer support
Change procurement to support these kinds of self-organising models
Other companies who are good at it: exposure to their best practice
Who are the new and innovative leaders
Identifying cooperative skills and deploying them effectively
Tool Kit and training
Learning culture
Role models
Why did people come?
Questions that came up
Is there any support or training to help put in place the new models?
How to measure employee engagement
Trade Unions - what is their role in these companies?
How do people learn about this?
Where do people go to for that?
How can we help organisations work differently?
Policy interest - hearing wider examples of better working
Interested in innovation in workplace sounded like a good place to star
Just back from Africa we need to do more
I work with Co-operative Development Unit Glasgow City Chamber and I/we were involved in organising the event at the Chambers. But in line with work we do keen to hear the approach.
Meet others. We coach Global leadership
Interested in what different people mean by innovative workplaces and how we foster change in Scotland.
I feel the film will be informative and meeting other individuals
Interested in making a difference to people lives.
Making the world a better place
Interested in expanding my knowledge re better work practices

Happier workforce
Increased output
Job satisfaction
Increased commitment
Better problem solving
Multi-skilling/ multi-tasking
Equality - all equal part of team
Two way communications
Talent - recognised by management / talent managed across organisation
Long term stability
Structures & skill base need to be there
Listen to customers & suppliers
Commerical logic - minumum waste
Lack of ego
Open minded
Final words at
end of event...

Jacqui Martin
E: jacqui@4purpose.co.uk
M: 07702 103 148

Fiona Savage
E: Fiona@fionasavage.coo.uk
M: 07880 788759

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