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Statistics with Breaking Bad

No description

Jibey Asthappan

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Statistics with Breaking Bad

Notice: This episode includes use of curse words, sexual themes, and violence/gore
If you wish to leave, please let Dr. Asthappan know. Statistics with Breaking Bad Backround Walter White is a chemistry teacher who learned he has cancer. Rather than putting his family in debt, he has chosen to make meth. He's a cook and he makes the purest meth in the area.
Jessie is Walter's assistant in cooking, but is primarily concerned with the sale and distribution of the meth they cook.
Walter, in an effort to hide the illicit income, told his wife that a rich couple (Elliot and Gretchen) are paying for the treatment
One of Jessie's dealers was robbed of $1,000 and about an ounce of meth. Walter has pressured Jessie into getting their money/meth and send a message to others that robbing them is not acceptable
8:51 Do It for the Kids! Child protective services need to know if families with drug users are more or less likely to have children under the age of 12 in the household. They want to know if they are different by the type of drug used.
Ha?, Ho? Test?
How can we determine this?
CPS would like to know if children of drug-user families are younger than of non-drug user families.
Ha?, Ho? Test?
21:38 Secret Lives Walt lives a double life, but others do too...
How can we determine if men and women are different in whether they have a secret life?
Ho? Ha? Test?
Walt needs to hide a great deal of money to pay for his cancer treatment.
How can we determine if the cost of treatment is different between three types of cancer: lung, breast and prostate?
Ho? Ha? Test?
25:48 Victimless Crime Banks across the country are concerned about their ATMs and ask us to help them determine if banks lose more money from ATMs than from branches.
Ho? Ha? Test?
They would also like to know if these losses differ from cyber based thefts
How could you change the test?
42:25 I'm trying to take the High Road Police want to know if those under the influence of certain drugs are more likely to be arrested of a crime (barring the influence itself as a crime)
Ho? Ha? Test?
Mixing drugs (such as Meth and H) is common. Help officials determine which drug uses are related to one another. You can obtain data from arrest records that include toxicology reports.
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