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Laura Saldana

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Dance

Tap Dance
Contemporary dance is a mixture of hip-hop and ballet.
It consists of a series of complicated turns, twists, leaps jumps and dramatic poses.
Also known as modern dancing, this type of dancing can go with any music.
Hip Hop
Ballet dancing is one of the oldest and most known dances worldwide.
Ballet has different genres like Jazz and Classical.
Most experienced ballerina's have stronger leg muscles than football players.
Salsa,Tango and Flamenco
Tap dance originated in Great Britain in the mid 1800's.
The shoes you wear for tap have large heels. Each tap shoe company's shoe makes different types of tapping sounds. These shoes are usually made out of leather and the heel is made out wood.
Men usually wear a simple tuxedo and women wear knee length dresses or skirts with blouses of many colors
Irish dance consists of many complicated feet movements.
Usually paired up with Celtic music and/or the bag pipes.
Female dancers wear a kilt or flowey skirt while male dancers wear pants.
Shoes are either two inch high tap dance shoes or traditional irish soft shoes that have a leather base and laces that wrap around the ankle.
Irish Step Dancing
These dances originated from Argentina (salsa), Spain (tango and flamenco). These dances together are known as Latin dancing. These dances combine hard arm and feet movements at the same time. It takes a lot of practice and concentration to do.
Uniforms are a tuxedo for a man and a long flowing dress for women.
Latin dancing can be performed in pairs or alone.
Sattriya, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali Dancing
These types of dances come from India, Nepal and other South-East Asian Countries.
The dresses for these dances are very detailed and beautiful, complete with fantastic jewelry and headrests. Most dancers dance in simple sari's or other types of Indian or Nepali clothes of vibrant colors, although many Kathakali dancers dance in delicate and traditional costumes.
Most of the dance routines are telling stories about legendary Nepali or Indian gods and goddesses.
Pop Dancing started in the early: 1980's. This type of dancing was greatly influenced by Micheal Jackson.
Most of the moves are simple, but a handful of them are very difficult.
Lots of singers do these dance moves when singing.
Pop songs usually have very catchy tunes and simple lyrics.
Hip Hop originated in African-American communities and became popular all over North America in the 1970's.
The clothes for Hip Hop are simple and have to be durable because this type of dance is the one where you get the most exercise.
Hip Hop is a mix of all types of moves: simple and difficult.
Ribbon Dancing
There is two types of ribbon dancing: On the floor and from the ceiling.
The more difficult type is from the ceiling because you need to have incredible balance and you cannot have a fear of heights.
Ribbon dancing on the ground is still pretty tough. You have to have good aim and catching skills because most dancers throw there ribbons in the air and catch them.
Uniforms for this types of dance are flashy and sparkly, they are leotards with skirts, full length unitards of pants and a shirt for practice.
Ribbon dancing came from China and became popular in the 1900's.
Also know as rhythmic dancing (with out a ribbon) it is an Olympic Competition.
Lantern Dancing
Lantern dancing originated in China.
It is not very popular, but very beautiful and complicated because you have lanterns in your hands or on your head.
Even though it is very hard, many young girls do it.
Umbrella Dancing
As you may know, umbrella dancing came from China, but spread throughout Asia.
This type of dancing is ancient, but has a modern twist to it.
Fan Dancing
Much like umbrella dancing in it's history, fan dancing also came from China.
It is considered a great art to master this type of dance in Asia.
This type of dancing probably has the most costume, including: wigs, white face make-up, kimonos, handmade fans and and other accessories.
Like a lot of traditional dances it tells a story.
It is performed with ancient traditional singing by live people.
Line Dancing, Western Dancing and Square Dancing.
Harder then it looks, these types of dances are complete with Western steps. Most dancers just do it for fun, but there have been western dancing contests.
These types of dances were created in Texas and other Western states based on folk dancing.
Vaulting is a mix of horseback riding, ballet and gymnastics.
It is of unknown origin although it started in the circus.
This sport is extremely hard to learn, so hard it might become an olympic sport. Some people are so advanced that they can even hang from the stirrups when the horse is galloping!!!
Hard as it may seem this dance can be performed by kids younger than us.
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