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Copy of Mobile Advertising & Marketing

No description

Yigitcan Bacakoglu

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mobile Advertising & Marketing

Mobile Advertising The history Mobile Advertising 1994 - First banner ads
- Pay-per-click keyword advertising 1997 - First SMS ad is sent. A Finnish news provider offers free news headlines via SMS, sponsored by advertising. 2000 - Google AdWords is released, a pay-per-click service. 2001 - Pop-up and pop-under ads fill users' screens. 2006 - Youtube launches, the birth of video advertising.
- Twitter makes viral marketing/advertising fast and free. Yigitcan Kutay Güler The anatomy Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising Display Advertising Search / Maps Audio / Video SMS/MMS/IM Advertisement either on mobile Web pages or applications in forms of banners and insertions. Advertising as a result of searches in the form of sponsored links or on maps. Audio or video advertising messages receivable by mobile devices, as long as they are not delivered as a part of broadcast signals (TV or radio). Mobile marketing messages pushed to users via Short Message Service & Multimedia Messaging Service or Instant Messaging. Up until now Mobile Advertising Today & Tomorrow Mobile Advertising 2008 2010 2009 2008 July 2008 October 2009 April 2010 December "App" x 6 x 3 X 4 X 2 ALMOST 6 billion mobile-cellular
subscriptions 2011 X 2 X 2 Examples Mobile Advertising Engage! Optimize Don't disappear! ..to opt-in Measure Ask.. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Over the next few days, you'll get info, news, offers and more. By replying you'll help us know what you are into. Enjoy! The results; Answer this and help us send the right kind of messages to send you. How many movies do you see in a typical month?
1)None - I'm busy with other things.
2)1 or 2 - I go out with friends or rent at home. Understand what your customer values! Blyk is a mobile media company that works with Operators to strengthen and monetize their relationships with subscribers. We invite you to spend 127 hours with James Franco! Read the movie review? Y/N The Black Eyed Peas new album will be out soon. Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the first video, The Time, just for you from ... magazine. Keep them coming for more! Examples Mobile Advertising Angry Birds in-app ad revenue $1 million/month # of apps downloaded 2010 10.7 billion 2015 182.7 billion Examples Mobile Advertising
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