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Using ipads in Small Group Instruction by Sandy and Cindy

No description

Cindy Crawford

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Using ipads in Small Group Instruction by Sandy and Cindy

Sandy Ditmarsen and Cindy Crawford
Vista View Elementary
Reading Intervention K-6 Using ipads in Small Group Instruction How will incorporating ipads into small group instruction benefit struggling students in reading? Primary Apps Video Recording Student's Oral Reading and Writing Next Steps: Continued Inquiry What We Learned Students are highly motivated to work when ipads are present.
It takes time to explore and determine what will be the most effective way to integrate technology to reach reading standards.
There is steep learning curve for us to add new technology.
Students can lead the way for opportunities for use.
Traditional teaching models of gradual release of responsibility and explicit and systematic instruction are still needed.
Lack of technology support; through bandwidth limitations, internet freezes , frozen ipads, or lack of timely human support can be frustrating. Primary Apps We Like (so far...) Pocket Phonics The context of our work: What does it look like? We target students in Kindergarten through sixth grade who have strategic and intensive reading needs through co-teaching models.

Coteaching models we use are: One teach one support, station teaching, alternative teaching (pull-out), and team teaching.

We instruct using ipad applications when appropriate in these different envirnments. Motivating and immediate fluency practice feedback How to fund e-book purchases to build a library for our students.
Continue to pursue opportunities to learn from colleagues.
Find time to explore many uses we have heard about and just practice and explore to build our expertise.
Explore different teaching models for technology use.
Continue to explore ways for students to interact with other students in authentic ways via technology.
Using the ipads and apps more to incorporate language,writing, and present student learning. Rationale: We want to determine the effectiveness of using ipads to support instruction in small groups.
Almost half of our population is not at grade level and has low English language abilities.
Many of them are not motivated to read
Technology is increasing as a primary mode of communication.
N How Did Our Teaching Impact Our Student's Learning Students love using pads - they are very motivating!
Students will write eagerly and more on an ipad whereas they disliked and avoided writing with pencil and paper. They are also more conscientious about proofing their ipad writing.
Most students like to record themselves reading on the ipad and will continue practicing using the ipad as a tool until they are reading fluently.
When phonics apps are being used, we notice an increased rate of improvement of phonics skills.
Students are eager to have ipads as a choice in literacy jobs or a station in the classroom.
Students are asking to show what they learned from reading; either by making thinking maps or writing about thier learning when ipad technology is available. Word Express Letter School Fry Words Upper Elementary Apps Paperport Notes Simple Mind+ Students Write Book Reviews, Rehearse, and Video for Destiny Library Catalog Concepts That We Learned We learned to use ipads for educational and instructional use.
Learned how to determine which apps would be good for instruction.
Learned how to co-teach and integrate ipads into our collaboration. Sources to Support Our Learning Peer sharing and collaboration
Professional Development by Apple
Professional Development in Google
Co-teaching Training
Individual exploration and experimentation
District coaching and observation Data Sources For Student Learning AIMSweb Progress Monitoring using ipads
NWEA MAP Assessments
Anecdotal Notes
District coaching and observations
Input from classroom teachers
Student work on ipads
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