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The Scarlet Letter Timeline

No description

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The Scarlet Letter Timeline

The Scarlet Letter Timeline
Tyler Green

Hester walks out of prison with three month old baby Pearl. She is forced to stand on the scaffolds and be mocked for three hours for not confessing the name of the other adulterer.
While on the scaffolds Hester sees her husband, Chillingworth in the crowd standing next to a Native American.
1600's Hester Prynne comes to Boston ahead of her husband to set up house but the husband never comes and is presumed dead at sea.
While in jail Hester's husband changes his name to Roger Chillingworth to hide his identity.
Reverend Wilson delivers a sermon on sins and Hester is then taken back to jail.
When Pearl is seven Hester is freed from prison, lives in a cottage near the shore and works to make money as a sewer.
Women of the town want Pearl to be taken away from Hester.
Hester goes to Bellinghams mansion to convince him to let her keep Pearl and to deliver the gloves he had ordered.
Reverend Wilson asks Pearl "who made her?" And when she gives the wrong answer, Hester panics and asks Dimmesdale to support the fact that Pearl is her child.
Dimmesdale shows signs of chest pains by putting his hand over his heart.
Chillingworth and Dimmesdale become friends and move in together.
One night while Dimmesdale is sleeping, Chillingworth opens his shirt and see's the letter A that is engraved on his chest.
Hester and Pearl join Dimmesdale on the scaffold after coming back from Governor Whinthrope's funeral.
A meteor with a red glow appears and forms a scarlet letter A in the sky.
It has been seven years and Hesters reputation is better in Boston. People now think the letter A stands for able because she was "so strong in womens strength."
Hester tells Dimmesdale that the physician Roger Chillingworth is her husband.
Crowds of people wait to celebrate the new Governor coming to power. Dimmesdale gives his final sermon, he goes up the scaffolds with Hester and Pearl and finally reveals his sin by showing his chest to the crowd.
Pearl accepts that Dimmesdale is her father, kisses him on the lips and he dies on Hesters chest.
Eventually Chillingworth dies and leaves behind property to Pearl in England as well as Boston.
Hester dies and is buried next to Dimmesdale in the Kings Chapel Graveyard. They share the same grave stone which has the scarlet letter A.
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