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Colton Cady

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to Care for Computers A Care Guide for Computers If you can't take your computer home, you plug it in before you leave school to charge it, and then you use it during.
Use a computer at home
Go to the public library Every teacher is different; but just charge it during recess
Use your What do you do if your computer is not charged? Most teachers are different, but you should use pencil and paper, then charge it during recess and lunch.
Computers should not come in below 90 percent battery.
If you have trouble at school or home... If you have trouble, restart it and if that doesn't work, take it t your computer tech, E-mail your teacher your assignments on Outlook; Last Name then First Name
If you don't have access to Outlook/ e-mail
hand in your assignments at school
Share it on Google Doc
If you don't have Wi-Fi enter your local library Care of computers If you don't have a laptop How to hand in Assignments Keep your computer charged
Keep away from food and drink
Always keep your computer on hard surfaces
Keep away from pets
Don't run with laptops
Do not swing laptop case
Don't put laptop on ground
Always have a appropriate background If your computer is not charged
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