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Neesha Menon

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Addiction

There are 6 steps to overcome your addiction :-
What is addiction?
Alcohol Dependence
Eg : Beer
Drug Dependence
Eg: Smoking
Compulsive Behaviors
Eg: Internet Addiction

Brain scans showed significant damage to white matter in the brain, proving, the researchers claim, that 'behavioural' addictions can cause physical brain damage in the same way as drug addictions.

Encourage outdoor activities

Types of addiction
The brain

Fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. ( Merriam-Webster)
Types of Internet Addiction
Internet Gambling Addiction
Internet Gaming Addiction
Internet Chatting Addiction
Internet Social Media Addiction
Cybersex Addiction
Online Shopping

How to overcome YOUR addiction

Do you experience symptoms like depression or moodiness?

Does your internet usage affect your school or work?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Do you lie about the amount of time you spend on the internet?

Do you use the internet as a reason to escape your problems?

Countries with the highest internet users (with reference to the population)

1. South Korea (77.3%)
2. United Kingdom (76.4%)
3. Japan (75.5%)
4. United States (74.1%)
5. France (69.3%)
6. Germany (65.9%)
7. Brazil (34.8)
8. Russia (32.3%)
9. China (26.9%)
10. India (7.0%)

Internet Usage
Gaming Addiction
Chatting Addiction
Social Media Addiction
Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction or computer addiction
Losing track of time online.
Having trouble completing tasks at work or home.
Isolation from family and friends.
Feeling guilty or defensive about your Internet use.
Feeling a sense of euphoria while involved in Internet activities.
Do you know?
What is addiction?

What is internet addiction?

What types of internet addiction are there?

Which country do you think has the highest internet users?

Addiction and the Brain
Although a standard U.S. diagnostic manual (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition or DSM-IV) describes multiple addictions, each tied to a specific substance or activity, consensus is emerging that these may represent multiple expressions of a common underlying brain process
The results also suggest that IAD may share psychological and neural mechanisms with other types of substance addiction and impulse control disorders," the researchers wrote in the study.
Step 1
: Admit there is a problem and be willing and open to change.
step 2
: Assess how willing to change you really are.
step 3
: If you are a little bit willing then probably what is known as community based treatment would be best for you.
step 4
: If you have a healthy willingness to change then counselling or therapy might suit your needs.
step 5
: If you are willing to do absolutely anything to overcome your addiction then 12 Step recovery may suit your needs.

step 6
: Join an internet group or website that offers support, resources, and information to aid in your recovery..

Reaction of an internet addict
Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)

Social Networking
General Surfing
Surveys of adult revealed
13.7% find it difficult to stay offline for several days
12.3% feel the need to cut back on internet usage
8.7% attempt to hide their internet use from family, friends and employers
5.9% feel that their relationship suffer because of their internet use.

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