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No description

selena chu

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of drugs

By:selena chu
Drugs have been a huge part of this world lately, if its just your friend doing drugs or if its you who is doing them, anyway my point is that everywhere you go you will have an encounter with drugs. So, today i will be talking about three of the following drugs; Bath salt, Krokodil and Caffeine.
Bath Salts
How do bath salts look like?
Bath Salt Stories
bath salts are usually brown or white. they look sort of like a crystal like powder and are sold in a small foil or plastic bag labeled "not for human Consumption".
How are they taken?
Why are they used?
What are its side effects?
What are they also known as?
this drug can be also known as; “Bloom,” “Cloud Nine,” “Vanilla Sky,” “White Lightning,” and “Scarface”
bath salts can be injected with a needle, inhaled, snorted through the nose or swallowed, but snorting and injecting are the most harmful
most people take bath salts just to get high or to get to their "feel good" state. though people take this drug to feel good, there are some "not so good" side effects.
some of the side effects may include; hallucinations, seizures, heart attacks, panic attacks, violence against oneself and much more.
28-year-old Bahad Mahmoud was reported for destroying merchandise and drinking hand sanitizer at the kroger store in louisville. when the police arrived bahad was in a walgreens parking lot yelling.
Drinking hand sanitizer
Eating someones face
a Miami police officer shot Rudy Eugene after pleading him to stop eating another mans face, only to get grunts and grumbles in return. so the officer shot rudy 3 more times, with 4 shots in total, and finally killed him.
Putting up your neighbors Christmas decorations
44 year old man, Terry Trent, was charged for burglary after breaking into a family's home and decorating heir home with Christmas decorations. when the homeowners son came home to his Christmas decorations up and a strange man sitting on their couch watching TV he immediately called the police.
God sends you on a mission
Kevin cosner, a 43 year old man, said that he was on a mission from god. he claimed that he was assigned to this mission right after his wife kicked him out of the house. he said that he didn't know where he should be. later on that night kevin was arrested for possession of marijuana.
Attacking a priest
man high off of bath salts broke into a church on an early wednesday morning and attacked a priest. he cut the priests hand and face. unfortunally the priest died before he could make it out of the building.
How does krokodil look like?
this drug is really a mixture of a bunch of different drugs ( codeine, lighter fluids, gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol etc.). its a homemade drug that was first made in 2002 in russia.
Why are they used?
This drug is usually used because its a really cheap drug and its really easy to get your hands on it.
What are its side effects?
If you take this drug some of the side effects that may occur are; your skin will turn discolored (green, black) and become like a scale-like skin (which pretty much sums up the street name krokodil), Blood poisoning, Rotting gums/tooth loss, Memory loss and impaired concentration,
Liver and kidney damage, death, etc.
How are they taken?
krokodil is taken by injecting it through any part of your body.
What are they also known as?
these are some other names for this drug; Russian Magic, Cheornaya, and Himiya.
The making
People injecting krokodil
The aftermath
How does caffeine look like?
caffeine is kind of liquid-ish and can be found in many different types of foods and drinks like; coffee, tea, colas, energy, chocolate etc.
Why are they used?
Caffeine is mainly used to help people stay awake and alert. it gives us the extra boost of energy when your body is in most need of it.
What are its side effects?
the common side effects that come with coffee are; difficulty sleeping (insomnia), nervousness or anxiety, irritability, nausea, headache etc.

How are they taken?
Caffeine is taken by the mouth (eating, drinking).
What are they also known as?
Caffeine is accually a chemical and this chemical has different names too such as; coffeine, theine, mateine, guaranine, or methyltheobromine etc.
Fun Facts
Fact #1
Scientist and lab technicians are the heaviest coffee drinkers
Fact #2
this is what caffeine looks like under an electron microscope
Fact #3
bees also love caffeine!...it helps their brains too.
Fact #4
caffeine is not good for spiders...
Fact #5
The best time to drink coffee is from 9:30-11:30 and 1:30-5:00.
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