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Barbara Mellace - Richard Chase(serial killer)

Richard Chase(serial killer)

Barbara Mellace

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Barbara Mellace - Richard Chase(serial killer)

by Barbara Mellace
Period 1 To Catch A Serial Killer-
Richard Chase Richard Chase Richard Chase was born on May 23,1950 and died when he was 30 years old on December 26,1980. He was also know as "The Vampire Killer", "The Vampire of Sacramento", and "The Dracula Killer". He died as a result from an apparent drug overdose in prison on 12/26/80. Crime Scene Analysis: Richards first murder was a random drive-by shooting.
The 2nd-6th murders were home invasions. He told police that the door was unlocked, and that he believed unlocked doors were personal invitations to enter.
His murders occurred between the span of a month. 2 4 5 During his teen hood, Richard abused drugs and alcohol, and continued to abuse them throughout the course of his life. Richard Chase was abused by his mother and did not have many friends. Since the age of 10, he showed all three signs of the Macdonald Triad(bed-wetting beyond the normal age, cruelty to animals and setting fires), which means he was likely to become a killer. Personal History: He was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia after injecting rabbit blood into his own veins. 3 of the victims were males, however 2 of these males were just young boys. 3 of the victims were female, all were adults. Richard Chase murdered a total of 6 people, all with the same .22 handgun Murders: Victimology Report: 2nd Victim: Teresa Wallin, 3 months pregnant, killed in a home-invasion by Richard Chase on 1/23/78. Richard also raped her corpse and removed multiple organs. 3rd Victim: Danny Meredith, woman, killed in the home-invasion by Richard Chase on 1/27/78. He removed multiple organs, raped her corpse, and collected dog feces from the yard and stuffed it into the victim's mouth 1st Victim: Ambrose Griffin, 51 years old, engineer, father. Murdered on 12/29/77 in a drive-by shooting by Richard Chase. Ambrose was helping his wife take out the groceries when he was shot. 4th Victim: Jason Meredith, son of Danny Meredith, 6 years old, killed in the home-invasion by Richard Chase on 1/27/78. 5th Victim: Evelyn Miroth, 38 year old woman killed in the home-invasion by Richard Chase on 1/27/78.He engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism with her corpse and also removed multiple organs. 6th Victim: David Miroth, nephew of Evelyn Miroth, 22 months old, killed in the home-invasion by Richard Chase on 1/27/78. Richard again removed multiple organs from his corpse. His schizophrenia lead him to murder. Motives? Other Motives: Richard claimed that although he had killed, it was not his fault; he had been forced to kill to keep himself alive. He had fantasies about killing animals, as he often drank animal blood from various different animals and injected their blood into his own veins("Dracula Killer, Vampire Killer"). He was severely paranoid and schizophrenic, and his mother weaned him off his meds which only worsened the problem. Richard chase was a stable serial killer because he murdered his victims in the same area. Geographically transient or Stable serial killer? Crime Scene Analysis: Richard often removed the organs from his victims after killing them because when he was a child he would kill animals and eat their organs. He believed this would stop his heart from shrinking.
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