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Begin at Central

No description

Gabby Head

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Begin at Central

Powerhouse Museum
Made in Italy
Sea Life
Begin at Central
This screen identifies
- What type of location they are going to.
- How far the walk is.
- Cost/ Discount
The next screen is a map
- uses location services to find where you
are and can help you follow the path
Once reached the user will view that
- Identifies the location they are at
- Gives an option to see more information
about that location
- a bar code for the user to scan to access
their discount

Once the user is finished in that location, they click finished and a new map appears
The final stop give the biggest reward.
An incentive to take the journey around Sydney

In this case 50% off sea life ticket
An App
Main welcome screen
User log in
or click to create
your own account
When creating an account, an example of the question
Enter the app and you would identify where you want to go
The Problem (Scenario)
The Solution
Through an app that focuses on a certain radius of where you are- incentive is created
- App is personalized [it’s interactive] > you create your own profile / personality > that can be edited anytime you want

- The app facilitates checkpoints on a map- that is within walking distance (environmentally friendly- no need for transport), for locals [family, individuals, kids etc] /tourists/business people or children/students to then discover the area they are in.
App will also feature a popularity view- ‘How many people have visited this place’ > can encourage people to take that initiative and try new places
- Businesses can also offer their ‘incentive’ as market research- Complete this survey and you get a free coffee etc.

- By reaching checkpoints- the app will ‘gift’ the user with a medal or points to the user for each checkpoint reached that is different each time > this will attract people to continue using the app

- App will also document the places you have been to- for the user to see later and recommend their favourite place

- Friends can be added- see the places they have visited or recommended or you, yourself can become visible on the map and so friends can see you if you’re within their radius

Short - term Advantages
- Congestion relief for the
Darling Harbour precinct.
_ Culture benefits for the local businesses
of Ultimo and Pyrmont
- Increased profit and exposure for
local businesses
Long - term Advantages
- The potential for expansions into other
- A reduction in greenhouse emissions
- Health benefits for participants
The flow and integration and people in a segmented area

Darling Harbour is overcrowded, aimed towards tourists and expensive for attractions and food .
Where as, Pyrmont streets (including Harris street) is deserted and local businesses are rarely visited by tourists and residents outside the Pyrmont area.
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