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Variant By: Robison Wells

No description

Alayna Strehl

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Variant By: Robison Wells

The setting in the book
takes place

at Maxfield Academy in early/late November, and outside of Maxfield Academy in a dark, cold, wooded area, surrounded by a brick wall.
There is not that much technology in the book Variant, but there is something big that will give the book away.. ... It has something to do with androids. (and no, not the phones.). There is also one big teacher for the whole school that talks through a computer/tv, and hidden cameras.
If you like mysteries, and scary books with a little bit of a twist, than this is the perfect book for you! I definitely recommend this book... It was one of the best books I have read in a while!
By: Robison Wills

Prezi by: Alayna Strehl
The conflict
The conflict in the book variant is that Benson thought that Maxfield Academy was a normal college, but it turns out, that it was nowhere near close. Benson found out that once you are in the school, there is no coming back out- unless...(I can't give it away')
The field where the characters play paintball.
The Technology
My Recommendation
The characters in the book variant are... Benson, the very curious new kid that joined Maxfield Academy who is trying to figure all the mysteries that are going on in Maxfield. Jane, Benson's "girl"friend who is generous and really cares about Benson that has a very big secret. Becky, an outgoing girl that Benson goes to whenever he has a question about the "school". Mason, Benson's roommate who is also curious, but not AS curious as Benson. And all of the 'gangs' in Maxfield that aren't really a big part in the book.
This is how I pictured Benson and Jane to look like in the book.!
This is a hidden camera found in a tree
The detention room

Trust no one, Sometimes, the person that you think you know... is not the person that you know...
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