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Spiritual Works of Mercy

No description

Anne Makhlouf

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Spiritual Works of Mercy

They are ways we can meet the spiritual and emotional need of others. #3 Consoling those who hurt. #2 Give Advice to those in need. #1 Instruct Others. #4 Comforting others in need. #5 Forgiving others. With your partner, think of 2 more ways of giving Advice to those might ask you.... Being there to give advice when needed to others. Ways we can instruct others... What do you think is happening in these slides? Share with your partner how you have forgiven this week. Spiritual Works of Mercy #6 Bear wrongs against you with patience. Teacher others to pray Instruct others how good it is to read the Bible. Instruct others about the importance of being a good sport! With your partner, think of 2 more ways of Instruction those who need it.... Kids giving GOOD advice
on how to respect others! What does
it mean to forgive? Give your partner and examples of when you have wrongs done to you. How did you feel and what did you do Make up a story about one of these slides with your partner about consoling another. By: Mrs. Makhlouf
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