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Clay Vocabulary

Middle School Pre-clay Introduction

Stephanie Turner

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Clay Vocabulary

Clay Vocabulary

What is clay?
Question 1
Answer 1
A natural product of weathering and decomposition of rocks, minerals and water.
Clay is plastic (meaning able to be moved or molded) when wet and permanently hard when fired.
Question 2
A flat piece of clay rolled into a uniform thickness using a rolling pin or slab roller
What is a slab?
Question 3
What is a coil?
A building technique utilizing long "ropes“ or “snakes” of clay stacked in layers upon one another to create a vessel or form.
Question 4
What is the "pinching" process?
The process of starting with a ball of clay, inserting your thumb and "pinching" the clay between your thumb and fingers, gradually expanding and shaping the wall into a bowl-like form.
Question 5
What is slip?
A mixture of dry clay and water that creates a muddy substance.

Slip is used to glue clay together
Question 6
What does it mean to "score" clay?
Scratches made on a piece of clay to attach two pieces of clay together.
Used in combination with slip.

If you do not slip & score the two pieces of clay will not stick together.
Question 7
What does the term "leather hard" clay mean?
The condition of clay that has dried somewhat but can still be carved or joined.

The clay is dark brown, feels moist to touch, but can easily break.
Question 8
What does the term "bone dry" mean?
The condition of unfired clay that has lost all of its moisture and is dry as possible prior to firing.

The clay appears light brown.
Question 9
What is greenware?
Multiple bone dry ceramic pieces that are ready to be, but have not yet been fired.
Question 10
What does it mean to "fire" clay?
The action of cooking the clay in the kiln.

To heat the kiln to the desired temperature for a set amount of time.
The results are a permanent hardening of the clay.
Question 11
What is a kiln?
A furnace for firing ceramic ware that heats to a high temperature.
Question 12
What is "bisqued" clay?
When a piece of clay has been fired for the first time.

After the bisque fire, artworks are ready to be glazed.
Question 13
What is glaze?
A formulation of finely ground glass, suspended in a liquid used to decorate the surface of clay objects.

Glaze is the color decoration.

It can be clear or colored, Shiny or Dull, it can drip in the kiln.
Answer 2
Answer 3
Answer 4
Answer 5
Answer 6
Answer 7
Answer 8
Answer 9
Answer 10
Answer 11
Answer 12
Answer 13

You are now ready to start working with clay!

How well do you know your
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Please come in and sit movie theater style near the front board.
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