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Hitler's Lightning War

A lesson for a freshman world history class.

Jeremy Fullalove

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hitler's Lightning War


SectIon 1 Notes Germany Sparks a War

On September 1, 1939, Hitler made a surprise attack on Poland Germany Sparks a War

France and Great Britain declared war on Germany on SEPTEMBER 3, 1939 Germany Sparks a War

The German strategy of
"blitzkrieg" or "lightning war"
was used in defeating Poland New War

On September 17, 1939,
Stalin sent in Soviet troops
to occupy the eastern
half of Poland
New War

The "phony war" was when
the Allied soldiers were stationed
along the Maginot Line and the
German soldiers were on the
Siegfried Line. France Falls

HItler sent HIS TROOPS
THE aRDENNES France Falls

The Germans Then had the
AllIes Trapped at DunKIRk.
Great BrITaIn Sent a Fleet
of about 850 shIps across
The EnglIsh channel to Rescue
339,000 soldIers France Falls

France Surrendered on June 22, 1940

General Charles De Gaulle organIzed the Free French MILITary Battle Of Britain

Hitler's Plan was to knock out the
Royal Air Force (RAF) and then land
more than 250,000 soldier's on England's shore Battle of Britain

The RAF had two technological advantages
over Germany
Enigma - a decoding machine Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain taught the
Allies that Hitler's attacks could
be blocked Mediterranean and Eastern Front

Hitler's first objective was North Africa,
mainly because of his partner, Mussolini Mediterranean and Eastern Front

Mussolini attacked British controlled
Egypt to gain control of the Suez Canal Eastern Front

The British struck back and
pushed back the Italians. Hitler
sent General Erwin Rommel to command
the Afrika Korps, a tank force. Rommel's
success finally came in June, 1942. This
earned him the nickname "Desert Fox". Eastern Front

Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary
were convinced to join the Axis Powers.
Hitler then invaded and conquered
Yugoslavia and Greece Eastern Front

Operation Barbarossa was Hitler's plan to invade the Soviet Union.
On June 22, 1941, Germany attacked the Soviet Union. The Soviets were not prepared or well-equipped. Eastern Front

The Soviets retreated and used the "scorched earth strategy"

Hitler's advance on the Soviet Union gained nothing but cost the Germans 500,000 lives US aIds Its AllIes

The Lend Lease Act allowed
the Us to lend or lease arms
or money to the AllIes US AIds Its AllIes

Roosevelt and ChurchIll Issued
a Joint Declaration called the
AtlantIc Charter US AIDS Its AllIes

The US Became Involved In an
UnDeclared naval war wIth HItler Battle of Britain

The Luftwaffe, Germany's air force,
began to bomb Great Britain
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