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No description

Sarah Sawatzky

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Guenevere

By: Sarah Sawatzky
Other Names
Gwenhwyfar- Welch
Wenebara- Latin
Jennifer- English
Nicknamed Jenny

Guenevere's Father:
King Leodegrance of Cameliard
King Ogrfan Gawr of Castell and Cnwclas
King Garlin of Galore
Daughter of a Roman Noble
Gives Arthur the Round Table
Guenever's Mother:
Guenevere's Mother is unknown
Place of Birth/ Residence
Born: c AD.
Raised in the House of Cador, Earl of Cornwall
When she is eighteen marries and moves in with Arthur in his castle in England
History Before
Married to Arthur
Relationship to
Arthur's Wife
Married since she was eighteen
to Other
Morgan Le Fay is her lady in waiting
Affair with Lancelot
Married to Arthur
kidnapped by Sir Meleagrance and Urien
knows the Orkney boys and many of her people
Facts about
Major life Events
Kidnapped by Sir Meleagrant
Love Affair with Lancelot
Sentenced to death
Mordred tried to Marry her
Essentially started a War
Guenevere's Death
Loved by Lancelot and King Arthur
May have had an identical sister that stayed with Arthur for two and a half years without him knowing.
She is often ubducted because of her beauty
Is a Celtic Princess before marriage
She was pale,had golden hair, and blue eyes
Lived in a nunnery
Murdered by Lancelot
Torn to pieces by dogs
Died at the hands of Mordred's follwers
Her grave was eventually found next to Arthur's
It is also said that she dies from natural causes
The Beautiful Wife of King Arthur and Queen of England
Was engaged to King Urien, but decided to marry Arthur
This lead to war between them.
He also abducted her twice, but she was rescued
First met Arthur when he helped her father King Leodegrance remove King Ryons from their kingdom
The Love Triangle
The Result of Guenever and Lancelot's Illegal LOVE
She Loved Both
King Arthur
A deadly triangle which brought on the fall of Arthur's England
But could only truly have one
Result of her being an Adultress:

Lancelot is banished
Guenevere is sentenced to be burned at the stake
Guenevere is rescued by Lancelot
Mordred declares himself King and has Guenevere locked in a tower
Lancelot comes back and helps Arthur fight the war.
Mordred dies, Arthur goes to Avalon, and Guenevere goes to a nunnery to live out the rest of her days.
Loved her father King Leodegrance
Loved Lancelot
Loved Arthur
Loved her people
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