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HUAC and the Hollywood ten

No description

Lauren Maynard

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of HUAC and the Hollywood ten

HUAC and The Hollywood Ten By: Lauren Maynard HUAC- The House Committee on Un-American Activities The Hollywood Ten- A group of men convicted of being communists and they claimed 5th amendment rights and became the famous "Hollywood Ten" The HUAC focused on finding any communtist influences within the movie, radio or any broadcasting business. Holly wood naturally became their biggest target. This committee wanted rid of all influence because at this time and day, the alliance between the Soviet Union and America had ended, the Cold War began, and the "red Scare" moved into full force. The Hollywood Ten consisted of ten men, one a director (Edward Dmytryk) and the other nine screenwriters
( John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo, Albert Maltz, Alvah Bessie, Samuel Ornintz, Herbert Biberman,
Adrian Scott, Ring Lardner, Jr., and Lester Cole. Originally 19 men were subpoenaed,
only 11 were called totestify but one claimed to not be communist and the remaining ten became
the Hollywwood Ten for their actions and using their 5th amendment rights. Hollywood executives gathered in decision that this could mean huge losses at the box office and decided to suspend these 10 men without pay. they also proposed to never again "employ a communist or a member of any party or group which advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States. THE END
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