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STEM and Facs a Perfect Match

No description

Christina DeSimone

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of STEM and Facs a Perfect Match

STEM Education and FACS
A Perfect Match!

Master of Education -
STEM Online
Masters in Education Online
STEM Education Resource Center
STEM is everywhere
What is STEM?
Where can we learn about STEM?

How to apply STEM in your clasroom?

According to Dr. Sherri Killins, “What STEM does is give a label to what you are already doing… helping students to explore, observe, ask questions, predict, integrate their learning… its what we’ve always done in early childhood education.”

Read more: http://www.teachpreschool.org/2012/06/stem/#ixzz2ks1IGnNM

STEM important?
This presentation was first created by Head Start US
Then edited by Ms. DeSimones Senior TAM Interns
The Edited further by Christina DeSimone for the MAFCS Fall meeting
Nutrition and Foods
Education and Child Development
Fashion and Merchandizing
Financial Literacy
What are you already doing that follows this method?
Meaningful Ways of Using Technology
The Key is to Find
Child Development and Education
Fashion and Merchandizing
Nutrition and Foods
Introduction of Speaker
STEM is..
Integration of science, technology, engineering and math together- NOT teaching them as independent concepts

Teaching though project based learning experiences

Focusing on real world application of concepts

Using critical thinking skills in an authentic way.

Incorporating soft skills and technical skills together to be successful

Making STEM Real. Educational Leadership. Vol. 68. No. 6 March 2011
Lets put the Sciences
back in FACS!
Financial Literacy
Its all about
critical thinking !
How do you encourage kids to think critically?
Education and Child Development
Cross curricular plan !
Invite people in!
Get active in your area STEM initiatives!
Hold a STEM night at school!
Get your administration involved!
We need more women in Engineering !

Engineering needs US!!!
What does this video teach us about FACS?

How can these concepts effect FACS education?
How can you be the difference?
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