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Ender's Game Mind map

No description

Emma Bradley

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Ender's Game Mind map

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Emma Bradley Ender's Game Mind Map Characters Ender Themes Plot Graph Settings Mr. and Mrs. Wiggin Parents of Valentine Peter As a child, he is very manipulative. He knows how to control people, and thinks this is his greatest gift. His parents and his teacher think he is an angel. In reality, he is violent and out of control. He threatened to kill Ender and Valentine many times, and was turned down by Battle School because of his violent behaviour. She is a very sweet, kind and innocent child. She always protects Ender from Peter. She is the only person Ender truly loves. She was turned down by Battle School because she was too empathetic. They are Ender’s parents. They were instructed to have a third child because the other two were not accepted into Battle School. Recruited by Colonel Graff He isolates Ender from the other Launchies, and pushes him to his limit. Although he is very hard on Ender, Graff cares for him. who works with Major Anderson He is Graff’s friend and co-worker. He is the Head of Battle School. Who works With Dap He is the caregiver at Battle School. He makes sure the children are safe. He refers to himself as their “mother”. who takes care of He is a bully. On the first day of Battle School he punches Ender in the head repeatedly. Ender reaches his limit and accidently breaks Bernard’s arm. After that day, they became enemies. Bernard who bullies Shen He is Ender’s friend at Battle School. When Bernard is bullying Shen, Ender stands up for his friend. Alai He is one of Ender’s sacred friends. During their first simulation, they worked together and froze the rest of the Launchies. who is friends with assigned them to the same armies as Ender Bean Bonzo He is the very strict commander of the Salamander Army. He becomes jealous of Ender because of Ender’s early promotion, and the fact that Ender is unstoppable, even as the commander of the Dragon Army. Bonzo attempts to murder Ender, but Ender kills Bonzo in self- defence. He is one of Ender’s friends and is a soldier in the Dragon Army. Bean is Ender’s protégé. Like Ender, he was promoted early. Trades Ender to On the Same Army as Petra Rose De Nose She is a strong female soldier in the Salamander Army. She quickly becomes Ender’s friend and teaches him the basics of fighting. He is the disorganized commander of the Rat Army. He only cares about winning. On the same army as
He is a strict and capable Toon leader of the Rat Army. He holds the army together and would be a great commander. Dink becomes Ender’s close friend. Dink Meeker Takes Ender to meet Mazer Rakham He is an old veteran who has previously defeated the Buggers in battle. He becomes Ender’s teacher and pushes him to his limit. It is because of this training that Ender is able to defeat the Buggers. Who defeated The Buggers They are ant-like creatures that invaded and attempted to take over Earth. They nearly wiped out humans during the first and second invasions. Ender trained for most of his life to defeat them, which he eventually does. Who Preserved The Hive-Queen She is the last remaining Bugger. Ender finds the small pupa and realizes his mistake. He knows the Buggers were not as bad as he had been taught to believe, and he plans to bring their race back into existence. Ender is the main character and the protagonist. He is a “third”. His parents were instructed by the government to have him. Since the day he was born, everyone believed he was destined for greatness. At the age of six he was recruited for Battle School. He was promoted early to join an army and then later, Command School. Due to Ender’s undefeated record of success in the “training” games, he unknowingly defeats and destroys all of the Buggers. Ender was humanity’s last hope. A few years later, he leaves the army base and helps to colonize a Bugger planet. Found by Appearance versus Reality

Graff appears to be very mean to Ender. In reality, he is trying to help him reach his full potential. Graff actually cares about Ender. Peter appears to be the perfect child to his parents and his teacher. He really is full of violence. Peter and Valentine are considered to be innocent children, but they cause a war. Ender appears to be very strong, but deep inside he is scared and has terrible nightmares. Destiny versus Free Will

Ender’s very existence was chosen for him. He was born with the understanding that he was destined to fight the Buggers. He had very little choice in any part of his life; the government or his superiors decided it for him. Ender never wanted to hurt or kill anyone but he was forced to do it. At the end of the novel Ender is finally free to make a decision, and he goes to the Colony with Valentine. One might argue that being the leader of the Colony was also part of his destiny, as he was the one that found the pupa the Buggers had left for him. He did, however, have some free will in this part of his fate, and we are left to believe that having a choice makes him happy. Redemption

After Peter becomes a Hegemon, it helps redeem him from having hurt and manipulated so many people in the past. Ender redeems himself after killing all the Buggers by protecting the Bugger pupa. It is important for Ender that he has an opportunity to redeem himself so he can get past his guilt and forgive himself. Jealousy

Peter is jealous of Ender when he is chosen for Battle School. Bernard is jealous of Ender when Colonel Graff says Ender is the best soldier there on day one. Bonzo is jealous of Ender. That jealousy spreads to all the other armies when Ender’s army proves to be unbeatable. In this novel, jealousy never pays off. Desire for Power

Peter’s character is driven by his desire for power. He tries to control his siblings from the time he is a child. He creates Locke and Demosthenes in an attempt to control other people’s thoughts. He is such a powerful speaker that when they find out he is just a child, they do not even care. Bonzo wants power and control over his army at any cost. Bernard wants power over all the Launchies. The heads of Battle School demand power and control over their students. On a larger scale, humans are fighting for power and control over the Buggers. Guilt

Ender’s character deals with feelings of guilt throughout most of the novel. He feels guilty about killing Bonzo and Stillson. He is racked with guilt when he learns he has killed the entire Bugger population. His guilt is laced with shame, and he fears he may be turning into another Peter. He also feels guilty about the possibility of not knowing Valentine when he finally gets to return from school. Compassion

Graff’s compassion for Ender allows him to push Ender to his limit, but not over the edge. He also understands that for Ender to be successful, he needs to be isolated. Graff is strict but he is acting in Ender’s best interest. Valentine’s compassion for Peter allows them to work together, helping him to follow his dreams of becoming a leader. Due to her compassion, Valentine is able to transform the violent Peter into a Hegemon. Ender’s compassion towards the pupa, allows him to forgive himself for killing the Buggers. It also allows him to envision a world where human and Buggers can live peacefully. Exposition
We are introduced to Ender and his family and find out that he is gifted. He beats up Stillson and is recruited to Battle School. Rising Action
Ender is promoted from Battle School early and becomes the unstoppable Commander of the Dragon Army. Everyone is jealous. Bonzo tries to kill him. Falling Action
Ender takes a break from Battle School and returns to Earth for six months. He refuses to go to Command School. Valentine convinces him to go, saying he will never be like Peter and that everyone needs him to go. Rising Action
Ender goes to Command School and meets Mazer Rackham. He pushes Ender to his limit. Ender nearly breaks from the pressure. Locke and Demosthenes cause a global debate on Earth. Climax
Ender defeats the Buggers Falling Action
Ender stays at Command School. Peter/Locke becomes a Hegemon and Demosthenes retires. Ender and Valentine leave together to help colonize the Bugger homeland. Resolution
Valentine writes Ender’s life story. Peter apologizes to Ender. Ender explores the rest of the planet and finds a scene out of his video game. He discovers the Bugger pupa. Peter dies and Ender writes a book, “”Speaker For the Dead”. It is about Peter and the Buggers. It becomes a religion. Ender searches for a place where the Bugger pupa can safely hatch. Ender’s Game takes place in the distant future. Most of humanity has been wiped out by the Buggers. The first setting is on Earth, where Ender and his family lived before he was recruited. The story returns to Greensboro, North Carolina when his family moves there realizing Ender will not be coming back. Also, when Ender is on the Six month leave form battle school. Battle School is a major part of the book’s setting. There, Ender is introduced to Graff, Anderson, Alia, Shen, Bernard and the other Launchies. Here, he experiences isolation for the first time. Battle School is a stepping stone towards Command School. It takes place on a spaceship, where they have battle rooms with no gravity. They have small army barracks with lights on the floor to guide them in the right direction. There is also an arcade with simulation games to play. Fairy Land/ End of the World is a virtual world where Ender plays video games very often. Sometimes he even dreams about the place. In the game Ender is faced with many challenges, whether it is a giant that offers him a poisoned drink, or a pack of children that turn into wolves. Command School on Eros is a high tech facility that was designed by the Buggers. They chose this location because they wanted their soldiers to train like the “Enemy”. It is designed almost like a hive. The Army barracks for the Dragon Army is where Ender spends a lot of his time. It is a crowded room with only a bed and a desk for each soldier. Depending on the commander, the room may be messy or organized. The Colony is where Ender and Valentine go after the War between the humans is over. It is the Buggers’ home world, no longer inhabited. Ender is the leader of the colonists that live on this dry and dusty planet. As Ender explores the planet, he discovers a scene from Fairy Land. He realizes that the Buggers made it for him, and it is there that he finds the Hive Queen. The Simulation/Battle Rooms are rooms where Ender and his armies spend a great deal of time fighting and training. They have zero gravity and two gates: one for the enemy, one for themselves. Sometimes there are stars that float around as obstacles or to use as shields. Sometimes the rooms will be completely dark; other times they will be very bright.
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