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Untitled Prezi

Hurricane katrina

Jasbirpreet gresinban

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Hurricane Katrina What is a Hurricane? Where does it usually happen? When do Hurricanes usually happen? Interesting Facts A hurricane is when you have high winds, lots of rain,
and major flooding! Some winds go on 119 km per hour. Hurricanes are most common in the Pacific and mostly occur in the western pacific. Although there's different times for each part of the world the official season is June 1st to November 30Th How do hurricanes happen ? Hurricanes form in tropical regions and only form over really warm oceans that are about 26 degrees Celsius. The first time anyone flew into a hurricane happened in 1943 in the middle of World War II. Before the disaster? There were cities, skyscrapers. A good amount of population. After the disaster There was no water and electricity running through homes. How did this affect the way that people used the environment? Gardens, grass and trees were destroyed.
Food supplies were cut/water.
No gas for generator. People had to reach the highest level of their house or building. What challenges did this disaster present to humans? They have to stay in their houses because some couldn't get out, some have to keep moving. Place and Location Absolute:290N and 900 W Relative: In central America, NE of Mexico, on the edge of the gulf of Mexico, south of Canada/Niagara falls. Region Was in urban area. small old houses. More like a poor community. stuff was already sold out so small things were used like matches. Movement Almost the whole city left. Left to there family away from the city. Nothing could get in or out including connection. Region Was well know as for french architecture and
there is a Mardi Gras festival They also high humidity with moist air, light winds and very warm surface temperatures. How did this affect interactions between people or groups of people? Region Movement A hurricane can dump 6 inches to a foot of rain across a region. About 500,000 people didn't/ couldn't flee.
Severe flooding effected movement
1 car entered city Movement Movement Place and Location $81 billion in property damage and impacted about 90,000 square miles worth of human structure. Place and Location Over 1,836 people died, 1,000,000 homeless, 5,000,000 without power. Interaction between people? Interaction Between group of people Phone lines were cut because of flooding and the wind. Vehicles couldn't move, This is when hurricane was coming. Humans challenge present obstacle came in peoples path. They called the police/army to help people. This when hurricane came in New Orleans. Region place and
Location Place and Location Place and Location Region Movement Also are common near edges of water and take place on tropical oceans. And also the people couldn't get out because of the water has bacteria or it's dirty.
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