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The 5th Wave

No description

Allie Wong

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

1st Wave
: Lights Out- destruction of all technology and took out half a million people
2nd Wave
: Surfs up- mass amounts of tsunamis, that's 3 billion people
3rd Wave
: Pestilence (Plague)known as "The red death"
4th Wave
: Silencer -"The Others" themselves coming to earth
Rick Yancey
-Written thirteen award winning novels.
-Books have been published in over twenty languages.
Latest novel, the Fifth Wave is first of the trilogy.
-Book will soon be a major motion picture for GK Films.
-Born in Miami Florida, and -raised in Central Florida.
First discovered passion for writing in the 7th grade.

Plot Summary
Plot summary continued
The book then switches to Ben Parrish's story. Ben Parrish is a boy in Cassie's grade who she has had a crush on since third grade. After the third wave Ben got brainwashed into working for the alien army. He thinks that he is working for the human army. Ben meets Sammy, who is Cassie's younger brother. Ben feels an affection towards Sammy, and wants to protect him, and keep him safe.
Soon after Ben is deployed in the army for his first mission, his friend Ringer, a woman soldier, and himself discover that they are actually all being deceived by the "others" Ringer and Ben devise a plan to return to Camp Haven to save Sammy.
Ben and Cassie's stories collide when they are at Camp Haven trying to save Sammy. With the help of Evan Walker, they save sammy. They are picked up by Ringer and the rest of Ben's squad (who have also figured out they are being deceived) and the book comes to a close. They are in a Humvee, and safe. Evan Walker is not with them.
Points of View
-Cassie Sullivan and Ben Parish: First person limited

-From perspectives of Sammy Sullivan and Evan Walker: third-person limited

The 5th Wave
Rick Yansey
Allie Wong and Dree Fausnaugh
The book the fifth wave starts out in Cincinnati Ohio, where Cassie Sullivan, is fighting to stay alive, and find her younger brother, Sammy. Sammy was moved from camp Ashpit, a refugee camp- into a camp called Camp Haven, where the aliens, known as the "Others" are brainwashing children and basically training them to fight and kill one another. Cassie is alone, because her mother had died from a viral plague in the 3rd wave, and her father shot and killed by one of the "others" in the Fourth wave. All she has left is her young brother, who she is determined to find.

Scene and Function
Historical and Sociological background
Literary Devices
-Motif/Allusion of old science fiction novels or movies such as E.T. and Star Wars
Many references to older literary novels in the book "...there was no alien swarm descending from the sky in their flying saucers or big metal walkers like something out of
Star Wars
or cute little wrinkly E.T.s who just wanted to pluck a couple of leaves, eat some Reeses Pieces, and go home."
-Takes place in Cincinnati,Ohio.
-Book starts in medias res, after the alien invasion has begun.
-Post apocalyptic , futuristic setting in Cincinnati Ohio where more than half of the world population has been whipped out by the different "waves" of the invasion.
-Published by Putnam Juvenile
-Publication date: May 2013

Ben Parish
Ben Parrish (Zombie) Protagonist as well, like Cassie.
-Ridded with guilt about not being able to save his sisters from the aliens.
-Being trained to be a solder in the alien army. Also, being brainwashed
-Has strong affection for Sammy
-Once he discovers he is being brainwashed, his main goal is to save Sammy from the Camp.
- Does not have anything left in his life, except for revenge against the world which seems to be going against him, which Vosch takes advantage of.
- Not as smart as Cassie or Ringer, but is a strong person.
- Really finds himself during the invasion, realizing who he truly is and just how powerful he is.

Cassie Sullivan

-started out as just a completely normal girl living in a a normal world
-she became a warrior/killer after the apocalypse
-determined to find her brother Sammy who has been put in to an alien camp
-comes face to face with many hard decisions in whether to trust her instincts or her heart.
-grows and changes as a person just as other protagonist Ben does, throughout the story.
Quote: (Cassie)
"I cry for the Cassie that is gone. And I wonder what that Cassie would think of me. The Cassie who kills." (Yancey 5)
Quote: (Ben)
"BEN PARISH IS DEAD. I don't miss him. Ben was a wuss, a cry baby, a thumb-sucker. Not zombie. Zombie is everything Ben wasn't. Zombie is hardcore. Zombie is badass. Zombie is stone-cold." (Yancey 213)

Sammy Sullivan (Nugget)

-younger brother of Cassie
-taken by aliens to Haven, where he is being forced and brainwashed to be one of the "others"

Evan Walker
-19 year old boy raised on a farm
- host to a "sleeper alien"
-half man half alien
-becomes a silencer after "the awakening"
- in love with Cassie
-Helps Cassie to find and save Sammy

-pretty teenage girl who is assigned to Bens squad
-First to realize all of the soldiers are being brainwashed and deceived
-Helps Ben save Sammy.

Horror, Science Fiction, Young adult
Literary Time Period
The novel takes place in what we know as present day, including all of the present day weapons, and technology except for the technology of "The Others."
Trust is essential to survival. "You can’t band together to fight without trust. And without trust, there was no hope. How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.” this quote describes that the aliens were trying to turn each human against one another.

Structure and Organization of the Novel:
In the book, halfway it switches to the point of view of Ben Parish, and his journey to also save Sammy from Camp Haven.
(For Ben) "Sissys silver chain"

Ben carries this locket around with him constantly, it belonged to his sister. He carries it to remember her, because he is ridded with guilt about not being able to save her.

Sammys teddy bear (For Cassie)

Cassie carries around Sammys teddy bear named 'Bear' with her wherever she goes. No matter what.

The locket and bear symbolize all the innocent things that were there before the alien invasion. This is all they have left to remember their previous lives.

There is medium diction throughout the novel, the diction within the quotes mostly stays the same as well.
The tone varies throughout the book when it switches point of view with Ben and Cassie and also in more intense situation the tone is more serious and suspenseful.
Suspense is used frequently throughout the novel.The strive Survive and also panic is shown when Cassie strives to find her brother Sammy.
Works Cited
During the fourth wave, Cassie refers to the others as "silencers" aliens who have come to earth, disguised as humans, to kill all humans. While trying to find her brother, Cassie is shot in the knee by a silencer. Waking up from her unconsciousness, she finds herself in a farmhouse belonging to Evan Walker a nineteen year old boy. Due to Cassie's beliefs of trusting no one and working alone, Cassie has trouble trusting Evan. Evan is clearly in love with Cassie, and decides to tell her the truth. That he is in fact, a silencer himself, and that he shot Cassie, but his love for her was to overpowering for him to kill her. Evan informs Cassie that he is actually half human and half alien, and that he was put into his mothers womb nineteen years ago as an alien, before the awakening.

-Verbal Iron(Sarcasm) is used mostly by the main character Cassie.
-Allusions-references to other stories, mostly sci-fi
Yancey, Rick. The 5th wave. New York: Putnam :, 2013. Print.
Quote 1
"He had given in to hope, and that will kill you. It kills you before you die. Long before you die." (Yancey 13)

Quote 2
"Cassie. Don't. Cassie..."
"That's been the whole problem. I can't."
(Yancey 361)
One of many occasions that Evan evidently shows his love for Cassie."
Quote 3
That's when the Alien Empire descended in their flying saucers and started blasting away, right? When the peoples of Earth united under one banner to play David versus Goliath. Our tanks against your ray guns. Bring it on! We weren't that lucky. (Yancey 45)
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