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Virtual Memory (VM)

Brief information on VM; What is it; How it works; Why is it used; Diagrams on VM process

Abdullah Jamaldeen

on 26 March 2011

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Transcript of Virtual Memory (VM)

VIRTUAL MEMORY Virtual Memory (VM) is the memory that is stored on the hard drive (HDD), originating from the RAM . What is Virtual Memory? p...a...g...i...n...g The current unused processes of the RAM are transferred to the HDD, increasing the RAMs capacity in order for the current necessary processes to execute. .SWP The paging data is stored as a single file on the HDD known as a page file. Detecting the Paging Process What You WON'T Notice: Paging is automatic (unable to determine when its occuring unless heavy process), thus making your computer feel like it is in its normal state page file being transferred from HDD(VM) to RAM for re-usage (swap files) PURPOSE: free up space in the RAM to allow more processes to execute without having to be halted What You WILL Notice: Significant Performance Drop. Extensive LAG. (during paging of heavy processes) How does the VM process occur? Computer searches for processes/areas of RAM that have not been recently used and copies them onto the HDD Frees up space on the RAM to load new applications (processes) Virtual Memory Process Terms:
- swap files: the page files that constantly being moved around.
- thrashing: occurs when the O/S spends more time paging than executing the applications
- page fault: occurs when the data in the HDD is required by the RAM Abdullah Jamaldeen
Sattam Rahman HDD
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