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Marketing Strategy of LACOSTE

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Chiraz Maghraoui

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Strategy of LACOSTE

Marketing Strategy of LACOSTE
Lacoste can be recognized by its famous green crocodile logo.
It is a Frensh clothing company which specializes in high-end clothing, footwear, perfumes, leather goods, watches and eyewear....

- To have the perfect balance of comfort and elegance which can be adopted by all
- Continue by contributing the excellence of the lacoste products, the benefits of all citizens.
Being in 2015 the best company to offer the best items manufactured under the highest quality standard worldwide.
Lacoste was founded in 1933 by René Lacoste, a world renowned tennis player and sports enthusiast

SWOT analysis
1. The brand is present in over 120 countries and employs over 1000 employees.
2. The brand has an iconic image and a very rich heritage in the fashion industry.
3. The brand is highly accessible. the brand has reasonable price points compared to its competitors.
4. The brand has a very rich clientele in the sports fraternity
5. The brand has an elaborated product line including Bags, wallets, perfumes and shoes.
6. The brand is socially responsible as it funds organizations in Philippines to protect the extinction of crocodile.
7. The brand is very famous for its plain polo’s in multiple colors

1.The brand sales and image is affected by fake imitations of the products
2. The brand has been involved in environmental issues and has been accused of “dirty laundry” blamed for using hormone-affecting chemicals in their T-shirts.

1. Demand for Lacoste’s products are Increasing in the Asia-Pacific region significantly.
2. The world wide demand of green-clothing which is an opportunity for Lacoste to explore as the brand uses natural cotton fiber for all its clothing.
3. Demand for active sportswear in the Asian and Australian Region.

1.increasing competition from lifestyle brands like H&M, ZARA and sportswear companies like adidas and Nike are increasing
2.Increasing number of counterfeit products and market, Lacoste has become one of the most Imitated brands.
3. The company has lost significant market share to other brands

4 P's Analysis

Lacoste's product have a premium price because Target market of Lacoste is in the high-class which we must be set a price the same as customer for success in the business.

only department store because the Target market is in high-class.

- Sale promotion
- Advertising
Fashion show and create the movie of Lacoste.


Lacoste have development about the product's color which in the each year have a new colors for the product.

From the brand for men , and distribute the market to women customer.
The quality of product must be good because Lacoste's original come from tennis which it's sport for high-class .So, Lacoste can easy pull customer in the high market.
Have a new product for Hip-hop
Have an original design that differs from other brands.
PESTE analysis
expansion into new countries may be limited due to the political situation in particular companies meaning that Lacoste cannot deliver goods to these countries due to tough political times.
with the recession currently in place, this could affect sales in the UK or within Europe as a whole.
Lacoste has been part of tennis since 1951 and has spread to other sports advertising.
Lacoste sells products online as well as in stores, increasing its market to a universal one.
Lacoste has contributed to pollution in China of the Yangtze and Pearl rivers, due to this Lacoste run the risk of damaging their brand.
It has contributed in limiting the extinction of crododiles .
Lacoste Future
Team :
Chrif Hajji
Ines Ben Cheikh
Marwa Afli
Chiraz Maghraoui
Overview , History of LACOSTE
MIssion , Vision and values of LACOSTE
Products' segmentation
Target Customers
SWOT analysis
4 P's analysis
PESTE analysis
LACOSTE future
Target Customers
The main target of LACOSTE are the middle class customers .
Mainly they produce their product for young men and women ( until 30 years old )
Lacost aims to taget more the Tennis and Golf players .
Lacoste strategy has been quite comprhensive and will probably enable the company to keep having its traditional image,wich almost all luxury elegance sportive spirit authenticity and product quality.
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