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IBT Portfolio

No description

Sapna Karwal

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of IBT Portfolio

My IBT Portfolio
Sapna Karwal
I am currently a grade 12 IBT student. I enjoy every aspect of IBT. IBT has allowed me to openly show my passion for technology and academics by surrounding me with individuals who share similar interests. It has allowed me to tie my talents in technology with real world applications in the Science and Business fields. The annual IBT Portfolio presentation has allowed me to set goals for myself. This is a skill that I will use throughout my life.
IBT is a program that allows students to use technology to their own benefits. It allows individuals to learn about different aspects of various subjects while learning how to use a computer to their full benefit.

I chose IBT to expand my general knowledge of technology, use laptops to my benefit, make new friends who have the same interests as I and allow me develop new skills sets that can be useful in my future career.

IBT has not only made me a better learner but has also made me take courses, i.e french, that I know I would have never taken, to expand my experience that is vital in a strong resume.
Why IBT?
I have accomplished many activities throughout
my years at school, but my biggest and most
important accomplishments for me would include:
1. Coming in the Top Three for the Skills Canada Competition 2011
2. Receiving my medal for boxing 2013
3. Becoming the Grade 10 representative of the 2012-2013 school year
4. Getting into SAC as the Minister of Social Activities
5. Receiving an offer into Link Crew
6. Completing the OAPT Contest
7. Completing a PowerPoint for Guidance
8. Ethnic Awareness

Personal Accomplishments (G9-11)
Personal Goals
Community Service
I have accepted my Offer of Admission to the University of Waterloo for Honours Science (co-op) with an intended major in Biochemistry.

The field of Science has always been a fascination of mine from a very young age. To pursue a career in Science sparks curiosity within me. The University of Waterloo contains faculties and resources that are ideal for me. It has labs that are open 24/7, is home to Perimeter Institute, contains the building for Quantum Computing, and is one of the most innovative Universities in Canada.
The co op program at Waterloo guarantees success.

With the experience I gain from co op, I wish to pursue a career in Medicine. Specifically, I wish to pursue a career at Waterloo's School of Optometry or Waterloo's School of Pharmacy. For this, I am aware that I will have to be academically focused and goal driven, but doing something that I am passionate about will help me succeed.

Career Planning
Academic Work
Group Work
Co-curricular Activities (G9-11)
Throughout this school year, I have been apart of many co-curricular activities offered at this school.
1. I am an executive member in SAC as the Minister of Social Activities
2. Attended Semi Formal
3. Play the piano
4. Attended The Musical
5. Attending SAC's spring fest
6. Disc Jockey for Diwali Dance
7. Leadership Class
8. Attended Relay for Life
Skills Canada
Grade 10 Rep
Relay For Life
Minister of Social Activities
Link Crew
Guidance PowerPoint
The Musical
Leadership Class
I have accomplished many things throughout my senior year in IBT. Some of my best accomplishments include:
1. Becoming an executive in SAC as the Minister of School Spirit
2. Becoming the president of Link Crew 2015
3. Receiving an Offer of Admission from the University of my choice.
4. Receiving my Driver's License
Personal Accomplishments (G12)
To become successful, I wish to pursue a career in Science, specifically medicine. To achieve this, I must be focused, analytical, and driven. By using these three skills effectively and efficiently, I will be able to achieve my goal prosperously.
Co-curricular Activities (G12)
Throughout my years at North Park, I have been apart of many extracirricular activities.
1. Executive Member of SAC
2. President of Link Crew
3. Science club - General member
4. DJ for the Diwali Dance
5. Attended Semi-Formal
6. Attended Prom
7. Piano lessons
8. Skating lessons
The IBT program surrounded me with individuals that share similar interests. This forced me to truly open myself up and be passionate about what I love to do. The IBT program has allowed me to realize my greatest potential.
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