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Nonessential Plastic Surgery Must be Illegal to Minors

No description

Taylor Fussman

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Nonessential Plastic Surgery Must be Illegal to Minors

Nonessential Plastic Surgery Must Be Illegal To Minors
Counter Argument
Plastic surgery will improve their self esteem.

Body image changes rapidly
Unrealistic expectations for the surgery
Surgery cannot fix issues with self-esteem and self-worth
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Unnecessary Health Risk
Reconstructive surgery is different than cosmetic surgery
Nose reshaping, breast augmentation, and liposuction are most common surgeries received
Dangerous risks are involved
Peer/Media Pressure
Desire to feel accepted
Tendency to compare themselves to others
Media sets unrealistic standards
Brain Maturity
Prefrontal Cortex is not fully developed
Areas of the brain mature at different rates
Parent or legal guardian bias
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