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SFU Transportation Group -- Gondola Project

Presentation on how to make the BBA at SFU more Environmentally Sustainable

Trent hagerman

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of SFU Transportation Group -- Gondola Project

SFU Transportation Group Tom Chow
Trent Hagerman
Isabelle Kao
Jagpaul Sandhu
Deep Sidhu Bus route 145: primary public transit for Burnaby Mt.
Travel time: 14mins (Excluding loading/unloading time)

Gondola system:
Travel time: 6mins (2.65km cable distance at 7meters/s)

Total Burnaby Mt. population: 23,309 to 39,375 by 2030
Gondola will reduce congestion (faster travel time & more frequent trips) Recreation & Tourism Summary 1st two years of the U-Pass reduced 3,ooo Tonnes of greenhouse gases
Regular bus ridership after graduation drops 20% average student graduates with $27,000 of student debt
33% default rate on these loans
For a $1000 increase in income of graduates there’s a 1.7% decrease in chance of defaulting Offer alumni U-Pass for $40/month
Yearly cost of $480
Avg ownership cost of a car for a year
Students would save $7000/year that they can use towards paying off loans
Reduce default rate by 12% What does this mean? SFU will be seen as sustainable and commited to needs of present and past students
SFU has very little research regarding campus transportation vs UBC
UBC has the TREK program Translink may be hesitant as they lose the revenue some of these students would have paid the full cost of passes
Soln: More passes at lower price= fewer passes at higher prices Potential Issues Reduce private vehicles (w/ conjunction of increased parking fees)

Reduce services of bus routes 145, 143, & 144
850,000km of bus usage/yr
Reduction of 1870 tonnes of annual GHG

Annual comsumption of 7500kWh
Hydroelectric power produce 22 tonnes of GHG/gigawatt hr
0.165 tonnes of annual GHG

Existing Bus routes:
2,800 tonnes of annual GHG Financial benefits: ($133 million vs $187 million) Hiking
Mountain biking
Scenic views
Simon Fraser University http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/ PURPOSE Offer a transportation solution for Burnaby Mountain:
Environmentally sustainable
Economically sustainable
Branding for SFU SCOPE Secondary sources:

Past research conducted by TransLink
Nonfeasible alternative fuel buses

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
Solar panel bus shelters

Proposed Burnaby Mt Gondola Project: Initial Feasibility Study
Funded by Simon Fraser University Community Trust Proposed Gondola Project Aerial Ropeway w/ enclosed cabins

2.65km (Production-way to Burnaby Mt. town square)

4 to 30 passengers Environmental benefits: (0.165 tonnes vs 2800 tonnes) Cash flow analysis (next 30 yrs): Cumulative costs by 2041
Gondola: $328 million
Bus routes: $499 million

Under NPV: Cumulative costs by 2041
Gondola: $133 million
Bus routes: $187 million

Long term cost savings: $54 million NPV Efficiency benefits: (6 mins vs 14 mins) 1,870 tonnes Alternative Fuel Testing 11,799 Future SFU: Proposed Transit HUB Area of Existing Hub Render of Transit Hub Bus Stop Close-Up Diagram of Location "...current transit hub can no longer keep up with demand."-TransLink Transit Hub target: 2015-2017 TransLink has had 2 Open Houses
Nov 2008 & Feb 2009 Involved Parties:

City of Burnaby SFU
UniverCity (Community Trust)
City of Burnaby
Companies involved in the Projects Next Steps Initial Feasibility Study for Gondola

Memorandum of Understanding of Gondola as a public-private partnership project

2 open houses for public input for Transit Hub TransLink Hub:
Construction planned to be completed by 2017
Sustainable initiatives for the Hub: Gondola:
Comprehensive stakeholder consultaion
Engage architect and planner
Lift manufacturers to be consulted Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Stakeholders: Already Completed: Solar panels for outdoor lighting
Our collegues suggestions
As an information hub Increase in buses = increase in pollution
Sustainable transit hub- short term solution
Gondola Proposal- Long term solution Action Plan ISSUES Pollution
Increasing demand
Steep slope reduces pollution
reduces costs
great brand image for SFU
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