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joanne b

on 4 June 2014

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Surrogacy is legal in Canada however in Quebec there is no legal standing. The relevant legislation and legal issues arising out of surrogacy agreements are complicated and the consequences for not following the laws regarding surrogacy in Canada can be very severe.
Here is a scenario:
Society has controversial views on surrogacy. Some may argue that being a surrogate mother helps the infertile, while others argue women takes advantage of surrogacy to preserve their physical image.
Surrogacy is legal in:
, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel and in the USA however many states have their own laws on legality of surrogate parents
The church is pro-life which not only means not killing but also means actively supporting. Church’s moral assessment of surrogacy says that there can be serious harm when an infant’s right to his development in the uterus is played with. The Church claims this is one of the hard truths that we must endure if we believe that children are gifts with their own inherent dignity and we should not play God when creating a child.

Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for another couple. There are two types of surrogacy, full surrogacy and partial surrogacy. Full surrogacy is when the egg is taken from the woman and the sperm is taken from the man and both are implanted inside the surrogate mother. Partial surrogacy can be used when further infertility issues are evident, in this case donor eggs or sperm can be used, although in some countries the eggs of the surrogate mother cannot be used do to legal reasons. Once you have chosen surrogacy you may be given contraceptives to regulate your cycle, During the embryo transfer, a small catheter is inserted into your vagina then uterus. The embryos will then be placed through the catheter and up into the uterus for anticipated implantation. Following the embryo transfer the surrogate mother goes on mandatory bed rest for 2-3 days and withing two weeks you take a pregnancy test.
Surrogacy is illegal in:
France, Hungry, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Serbia
- hysterectomy (removal of uterus)
- salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tube)
- future infertility
- permanent disability
- death
Famous Neil Patrick Harris and his partner had a surrogate mother and welcomed a baby in 2010.
Permanent side effects
- exhaustion (weariness common from first weeks)
- altered appetite and senses of taste and smell
- nausea and vomiting (50% of women, first trimester)
- heartburn and indigestion
- constipation
- weight gain
- dizziness and light-headedness
- bloating, swelling, fluid retention
Common side effects
E!News very own Giuliana Rancic payed lots of money to a surrogate mother for own benefits.
Country singer Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman uses a surrogate because Nicole wasnt able to conceive a child.
Japanese couple had to wait six months to resolve their legal issue with their surrogate. A German couple had to wait several months for citizenship of their child born to an indian women. And an Israeli homosexual couple is trying to obtain legal rights to their two month old child.
Okay, so you go with a surrogate mother but, She decides to keep the baby even after signing legal documents. What do you do? What if she runs away? What if she decides to abort the baby if she can't keep it?
You are a couple and you can not conceive a child. Would you consider surrogacy?

What if you were payed thousands of dollars to become a surrogate mother. Would you do it?
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