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Ancient Greek Art VS. Modern Day Art

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Anabell Bermudez

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Art VS. Modern Day Art

Ancient Greece Art/Architecture VS. Modern Day Art/Architecture
Modern Art
Modern art can go back to the Industrial Revolution. This period lasted from the 18th century to the century 19th century. Rapid changes in technology, profoundly affected the social, economic, and cultural conditions of life in Western Europe, North America, and eventually the world.

During the 19th century, many artists started to make art about people, places, or ideas that interested them. Many were self portraits. Some were landscapes and they didn't always look entirely real, but beautiful nonetheless.
Comparing Ancient Greece Art and Modern art
Ancient Greek art kind of inspired modern art. Modern art sometimes tells stories in paintings and the Ancient greeks tell stories in their paintings. Modern art is usually a painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. telling how the artist saw this one thing. For example, George Grosz is an artist who was born in Germany. His drawings usually depict what his life was like and what he saw when he was in war. He hated war and German militarism. So, you would usually expect a bad story behind on of his drawings.
History of Greece Architecture
Architecture was a pretty big thing in Ancient Greek. The Ancient Greeks practically invented architecture! Acropolis is a rock formation that rises 400ft above the ground and covers about seven acres. It over looks the city of Athens. On Acropolis are many famous buildings. The Erechtheion is famous for its use of female figures as pillars. The Temple of Nike is the earliest iconic temple of the Acropolis.

Parthenon was built over 2500 years ago as a temple to the Goddess Athena. Its outer dimensions are 228 ft in length and 101 ft in width. Pericles, who was a famous Greek politician, ordered the construction of Parthenon. It started in 447 BC. Its made of 30,000 tons of the finest white marble. Parthenon was considered a fine example of Doric-style construction. It has 8 columns on the ends and 17 on the sides. The columns were build slightly inward curve at the top. It tricks the eye into thinking they're straight.
History of Greece Art
Modern Architecture
Comparing Ancient Greece Architecture to Modern Architecture
Ancient Greeks made a lot of sculptures. They were usually nude sculptures because Greeks found beauty in the naked human body. Early sculptures were called kouros, were rigid and stood up straight. Greeks adopted a more natural, relaxed pose with hips thrust to one side, knees and arms slightly bent, and the head turned to one side.

Greeks also painted but not much of their work remains. Decorated ceramic pots were found. Two major styles are red figures (against a black background) and black figures (against a red background). The pictures often show heroic and tragic stories of gods and humans.
The image on the left shows sculptures bent legs
and the arms slightly bent. The image on the
right shows the kouros sculpture. It looks rigid and it standing up straight.
These are the two pots that ancient greeks
painted on. As you can see, they have stories
to them.
This is Vincent Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night." It is one of his most popular works of art. It is how he picture the night sky in his mind.
The image you see here, is the Parthenon now. It looks this way because it was damaged in 1687 when the Venetians attacked Athens. After that, the building fell into disuse.






Modern architecture can appear and be high-tech. The concept of modernism is a central theme in the efforts of 20th century modern architecture. Modernism generated reactions, most notably, Postmodernism which sought to preserve pre-modern elements. While, "Neo-modernism" has emerged as a reaction of postmodernism.

Some characteristics of modern architecture are:
- the notion of that "form follows function", meaning that the result of design should derive directly from its purpose.
- simplicity and clarity of forms and elimination of "unneccessary detail"
- materials are 90 degrees to each other
-particularly in International Style, a visual emhasis on horizontal and veritcal lines.
How Did Ancient Greece Inspired Modern Art?
Types of Modern Art/Architecture
Types of Ancient Greece Art/Architecture
Famous Modern Art Artists/Architects
Famous Greek Artists/Architects
Fit for Active Service (Kriegsverwendungsfähig) is one of George Grosz amazing work. The story of this painting it that he drew a bunch of chubby doctors, who he saw as ugly, obese and degenerate: ‘I drew and painted from a spirit of contradiction, and attempted in my work to convince the world that this world is ugly, sick and mendacious’ (Kunstblatt, 1924).
This is a pot painted on by the Ancient Greeks. Paintings like this, kind of remind me of Henri Matisse's work.
Dance (I) by Henri Matisse is my favorite art piece. He usually bases his art off of dark colors which is why it reminds me of the paintings on the pot.
Modern architecture isn't nearly the same as Ancient Greece architecture. Modern architecture is a lot more technologically advanced than the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks pretty much inspired today's architecture. Back then, buildings would have been made out of easy to find or make things like, stone, or cement. Now, it's a lot more advanced and bigger.
The ancient greeks really appreciated the human body. Modern art is also mostly about how beautiful the human body is and how beautiful our imperfections are. The ancient greeks sculpting of the human body was just to show how they viewed it. The sculpted males and females. Each one of them isn't society's views of 'perfect'.
Art is basically everything. You're art. This website is art. Look around you, everything you see is art in its own way. There are many types of art that I won't be able to name them all. Art and architecture are basically the same. Architecture would be buildings and such. The way they look would be art! The thought that went into it would be art! Art can be drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Some, but very few, use fire!
The Ancient Greeks did many things but their most famous work would be sculpting and pottery. They are most famous for their architecture. Like, I said before the Parthenon, is their most famous building. The Ancient Greeks were extremely smart. They figured out how to get fresh water, which was miles away, into their town just by building this, long, and huge pipe system. They were basically the found fathers of architecture and art.
Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, and the list goes on and on. Each one of these artists/architects have one or many famous paintings/inventions. There are also many famous artists that are still living and creating beautiful art that is very different than what Picasso, or Van Gogh created. My personal favorite is Matisse because his work just speaks to me and I see a certain beauty from it.
This is Blue Nude (II) by Henri Matisse. This is his most famous painting at the moment.
This is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The most famous painting in the world. If you haven't heard of the Mona Lisa, you must be living under a rock.
Giorgio de Chirico, Apollodorus of Damascus, Chersiphron, Eupalinos, Sostratus of Cnidus, and more. Although, there isn't that many famous Greek artists/architects. They all contributed into the history of Ancient Greece. They all had something to do with how Ancient Greece was built. Giorgio de Chirico is a famous artist and he made these great pieces that kind of represented Ancient Greece.
This is The Disquieting Muses by Giorgio de Chirico. It shows some sculptures and a building in the back. I think it really represents the most famous things that came out of Ancient Greece.
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