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Electronic User's Bill of Rights:

No description

Caity Beth Houser

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Electronic User's Bill of Rights:

In order to protect the rights and recognize the responsibilities of individuals and institutions, we, the members of the educational community, propose this Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for the Electronic Community of Learners. These principles are based on a recognition that the electronic community is a complex subsystem of the educational community founded on the values espoused by that community. As new technology modifies the system and further empowers individuals, new values and responsibilities will change this culture. As technology assumes an integral role in education and lifelong learning, technological empowerment of individuals and organizations becomes a requirement and right for students, faculty, staff, and institutions, bringing with it new levels of responsibility that individuals and institutions have to themselves and to other members of the educational community.
Ownership Rights are dedicated to protecting your certain rights as a citizen. With these rights you are able to purchase goods and resell online if you wish.
The Electronic User's Bill of Rights gives people the right to protect their information, and anything they don't want everyone to see.
When downloading files off the internet you have to be extremely careful to make sure you get the appropriate files, and not anything that doesn't pertain to you.
You should always have respect for other electronic users and make sure that you obey their rights like they should obey yours.
Safety and Security:
Electronic User's bill of rights:
The Electronic User's Bill of Rights gives electronic users the safety and security you need to use the Internet and other electronic devices.
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