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Piece O' Pizza

Learning strategy

Lupe Miller

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Piece O' Pizza

Piece O' Pizza
Practice and Application Strategy
Presentation by
Lupe Miller and Angela Trujillo
Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, Echevarria, Vogt, and Short
99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learns with The SIOP Model, Vogt, Echevarria

This strategy demonstrates how parts make up a whole. It is ideal as a follow-up for a jigsaw reading activity where each group is assigned a different section to read. It may also be used when teaching a concept or idea that has many parts.


Students need multiple opportunities to practice and apply what they learned.
They are more likely to retain infomation if they put it to immediate use.
Teachers can assess student's learning while they are practicing and applying what they have just studied.
Assessing the Activity
By observing interaction levels the teacher can assess comprehension and decide if more preparation is needed before starting or continung with thr lesson.
Development of skills can be monitored, as well as listening and speaking skills

Grade Levels: 2-12
Subject Levels: All
Grouping: Partners, small groups
Approximate time involved: 15 min.
Materials: A large Circle drawn on construction paper and cut into eight pieces (slices).

Content Objectives:
Students will be able to:
Describe eight components of the topic
Summarize information about one component (eg. one Native American tribe).
Language Objective:
Students will be able to...
Use the appropriate level of langage development that will vary by grade and content topic.

1. Cut a large circle into slices with each slice given to a small group of students.

2. Have groups decorate their slice with information bits and illustrations (when appropriate).

3. When done, reassemble the pizza as each group shares their information with the class.

4. Let students choose (or assign them) a slice to write about or illustrate in more detail.

Let's try it!
Lower grades:
2nd grade: Have students diagram sentences. Assign each group a different part of speech. (Noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, subject and predicate.

4th grade: Native American Tribes. Supply students with information that describe one of 8 Native American tribes.

5th grade: The Constitution. Assign a different Amendment to each student and follow the same procedures as above.

Upper grades:
US Government: Take an in depth look at one of the three branches of government. Break up the branch into 8 areas of focus and have each group research and bullet point the information onto their slice.

Physiology. To provide an overview of the various systems in the body each group can be assigned a separate system.

Spanish: When reading a story assign each group a different section to translate and then present.

Scaffolding—breaks up text/content into smaller parts (ADHD, Autism, ELD)
Visual Aid (ELD, Autism, ADHD, other visual learners)
Organizes an highlights key points (ADHD, Autism, ELD)

Accommodates for...
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