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Achieving Technological Literacy for Students and Teachers (ATLAST)


Jeannette Shaffer

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Achieving Technological Literacy for Students and Teachers (ATLAST)

Achieving Technological Literacy
for Students and Teachers
(ATLAST) A project providing teacher and future teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for an increasingly technology-driven society. ATLAST Project Grant Goals Provide Arizona participants with knowledge and understanding of regional high-tech industry, impact on Arizona residents, and future career opportunities for students. Enable participants to leverage Web 2.0 and other open-source, free emerging technology tools to attract students to technology subject matter and improve their overall technological literacy. Enable participants to understand the purpose of technological literacy and its impact on student success. Integrate research within the ATLAST Project that addresses key issues and questions about technological literacy in education. Community of learning
Knowledge or Arizona's tech industry
Sharing learning objects that meet standards
Opportunities for collaborative projects
Classroom support when integrating technology
Access to technology
Hands-on training Benefits for Teachers and Students Where We've Been ... Year Two Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Facebook Google Apps
Sustainable Energy
Global Learning
Web 2.0 App Web 2.0 Apps
Medical Simulation Lab/Classroom
Video as assessment & feedback Exchanging ideas 3-day Teacher Institute Teachers attending ATE Conference Tech Fair for Teacher by Teachers Workshops-include
teachers & students Image by flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wfryer/275872080/in/photostream/ Arizona Science Center
Open to Public
Poster Session
Workshop Sessions
Birds-of-a-feather Session
Celebration Luncheon ATLAST Sessions/Presentations
SLOAN Conference
Mega Conference
NACCTEP Conference
FEA State Conference Digital Story
Fox News Tour
Pokens http://shbex94.edu.glogster.com/glog/ http://seczagv.edu.glogster.com/photography/ Evaluator Report
Very favorable
Champion teachers
Reach of project Recruitment
ACTE Conference
Teacher packets
Get FEA state officers involved
Pokens ATLAST Sustainability Monthly Informational Podcast New Ed Professions Teacher Training Module ATLAST Trainer Institute ST4 Grant
ATLAST teachers as trainers
Test pilot Continued Activities
One-on-one instruction
Classroom visits
FEA Fall Conference
FEA State Conference ACTE Conference
Ed Prof Sessions
CTE Session
Supplemental Curriculum •“I am so glad that I am able to be here. Learning the technology, with such great support, lessens my fears. I am already thinking of so many applications of the digital storytelling not only for the Ed Professions class but for my biology classes too. Using the technology will add interest and relevance to my classes. Since I am so excited about this, I know the students will love it too.” [teacher entry] “Today, it has been something new. I was thinking I was going to be bored because my dad usually has me ahead on all computer programs.” [student entry] As a result of the visit, I will incorporate more technology into my curriculum. [teacher entry] •“Amazing!!! Learned how important it is to be a lifelong learner. A person needs to be able to think of their feet, be adaptable, and flexible. The world as we know it is changing so fast and we need to be able to enjoy the ride, rather than being dragged along kicking and screaming.” [teacher entry] I learned that as time goes on, technology will increase and it's going to become an important tool in education. Those who possess the ability of knowing how to use these new technologies will be more valuable and win out over a teacher who is stuck in their old-school ways. These workshops are great ways to make sure Education Professions teachers prepare future teachers with the technology skills that will be useful for teaching their students. It's all going to depend on how much effort the teachers put into learning the new technologies and if they use them in their classroom and pass on the knowledge. [student entry] •“I like going through the training with my teacher and other adults because it made me feel like we doing something that will help us in the future. Not that other things we do in class or only with other students doesn’t make us feel successful. But there is something rewarding about knowing that you can have an educated conversation with experts on an advanced subject, and knowing that they value your opinion.” •“Education technology training with my teacher was amazing because we got to work together as a team to learn new technology. The other cool thing about having my teacher right along side me was we had different input and together the creation of project with different technology was outstanding! Such as when we were doing the podcast, my teacher and I worked together because her earphones would not work, we got to feed off each others ideas, and given more time, we could have created a wonderful podcast!” •“The biggest benefit from training with my teacher for my future teaching career is that I have the perfect mentor! Maybe it's because I have the best, most brilliant and passionate person as my teacher, but I would not realize how much I love teaching or have grown as much as a person and in my teaching skills if it weren't for being around my teacher so much. We already know what the student perspective is at schools, but she teaches us and exemplifies the teacher perspective. The reason I know 100% that I want to teach someday is because of training with my teacher for my future career as a teacher.” Workshops
Oct. 2: Mobis, smart pens, animation
Nov. 20: Technology for FEA contests
Jan 22: GPS, geocaching, & augmented learning
1-day Summer Institute Tech Tools for CTE Teachers Impact of ATLAST National model in ebook (or other interactive format) for technology leader teachers, administration, or others interested in implementing succesful aspects of ATLAST
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