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Podcast that Class!

Quick start training for instructors wanting to podcast in the Lone Star College System!

Georges Detiveaux

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Podcast that Class!

Welcome to...
podcast that class!
tlc labs training
georges detiveaux
manager/instructional technology consultant
lsc-cyfair teaching & learning center labs make a recording
create an account
publish recordings
more advanced options How to record?
1. portable device
2. laptop/desktop Portable Devices
1. Transcend Stick
2. Podcasting Kit

1. Built-in Mic on laptop
2. Plug in a mic on desktop

NB: For both, use recording software! Recording Software: Audacity
-free & easy to use
-makes WAV or MP3 files
-WAV = bad, MP3 = good!
-Don't forget LAME encoder Making your recording(s)

-record whole class & edit?
-record segments on the fly?
-record follow-ups to lecture?
Creating your Podcast
with Podbean.com
-100MB free storage
-other cool features! (later)


- 'sandbox' account I've created for today
-each of you will record an episode
-each of you will upload your episode
-afterwards, we'll log out and view as students
-explore general user options & discuss LSCS/teaching & learning implications

Now, create ANOTHER recording...
-Remember, we're just practicing (doesn't have to be PERFECT!)
-General welcome & introduction?
-Save as MP3 (desktop) Create a Podbean account:

-careful with name (you can't change it)
-follow account creation & upload steps
-you are now podcasting!
-extra fancy options (iTunes? faculty office? angel site?)
-sign out & view as student user
Delicious Site

-links to everything mentioned here
-additional resources as well

http://www.delicious.com/georgesd/podcasting Thank you!
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