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A few of my projects.

Mazin Chabayta

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Portfolio

Manifesto Exposure Laws Student Calendar Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 What is Graphic Design Project 4 Musical Flyer Project 5 Portfolio Athar (trace) is a Middle Eastern Museum that would show the trace of all the ancient civilisations that lived in this region. "Cordoba" for Arabic typeface and Trajan for English. As soon as a student enters university, his journey starts. It is filled with surprises and complications. This is my approach to show that feature about the student's life through an academic calendar. What is Graphic Design? Thousands of different definitions and quotes are written and said about graphic design. It is complicated with its calculations and accuracy, but its simple with its clarity and message. Sensation White. One of the most attended events in the world of trance music. The main theme of the event is white and everyone who wants to attend has to be dressed in white. The white space in the poster emphasizes the event's mood. Intifadart is an organization that was created by me for the purpose of supporting Palestinian art and artists. The launch event was "Allude", which featured posters that addressed the threats to the sustainability of Palestine. My portfolio features a few projects that I worked on during the past few years.
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