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Learn more about us!

Laura Downey

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of About KACEE

Kansas Association for Conservation
and Environmental Education

Growing Hearts, Bodies
and Minds Naturally

Environmental Education:
Learning for the Future

Greening Leaders for the Future
Planting the Seeds for Learning
Cultivating Partnerships Across Kansas
Advancing Environmental Literacy: Environmental Education Workshops for Educators

Inquiry Learning

Aligned with Kansas College and Career Ready Standards
Environmental Education

A process that develops
critical thinking
skills within the context of understanding the complex interrelationship between natural systems and processes and human beings.

And Our Mission:
KACEE Provides Quality, Non-Biased, Science-Based Environmental Education for All Kansans
Our KACEE Vision:

Building an Environmentally Literate Kansas Citizenry.
Our Core Programs for PreK-12 Educators

Project WILD/WILD Aquatic and Growing Up WILD Sponsored by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
Project Learning Tree, PLT Secondary and PLT Early Childhood Experiences Sponsored by Kansas Forest Service and Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Project WET, Discover a Watershed, Conserve Water Sponsored by the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment, Bureau of Water, Watershed Management Section

Health Benefits - Children who experience school grounds or play areas with diverse natural settings are more physically active, aware of good nutrition, creative, and more civil to one another. (Bell, 2006).
Development of Positive Social Skills - Play in natural environments reduces or eliminates violence, bullying, vandalism, littering and reduces school absenteeism. (Coffey, 2001; Malone, 2003; Moore, 2000).
Increased Focus/Improved Cognition -Access to views of nature, and daily exposure to natural settings increase the ability to focus and improves cognitive abilities.
(Wells, 2000).
Benefits for Children with ADD/Inner City Youth -Children with attention-deficit disorder benefited from more exposure to nature. Access to green spaces for play, or having views of green settings, enhances peace, self-control, and self-discipline among inner-city youth, especially among girls. (Taylor, 2001).
Conservation Benefits - Higher levels of environmental knowledge correlate with a higher degree of pro-conservation behavior.
(NEETF, 2005).
Environmental Education Fosters Leadership Opportunities in Real World Scenarios
Reading, science, social studies, and mathematics scores improve.
Building Green Schools Across Kansas Since 2008
Green Schools are healthy, environmentally-friendly spaces to work, learn, and play.
Provides educational opportunities for preK-12 schools that increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships that impact public health and our society, and that promote responsible environmental stewardship practices.
Goal of the Kansas Green Schools Program is to foster an appreciation and understanding of air and water quality, climate change, energy, reduction and recycling of solid waste, and wildlife habitat.
Get Recognized
Healthy School Environment
Waste & Recycling
The Learning Community
KACEE provides 5 hands-on investigations which engage students in investigating their school to learn more about environmental issues while greening their schools!
Kansas Green Schools of Excellence
Kansas Green School of the Year Award
National Green Ribbon School
Celebrating and Recognizing Green Schools Across the State! Schools Complete Investigations and Get Recognized with either the Silver, Gold or Green Globe Award!
Kansas Green Schools:
Creating an Environmentally Literate Student Citizenry
Kansas Student Makes Dress out of Aluminum Cans
Kansas Green Schools and School Gardens:
Connecting Schools, Communities and Gardens Across the State

A school garden is an outdoor classroom oasis, attracting countless organisms, each a rich opportunity to teach students about the complex and fascinating ecosystem that we are all a part of.

Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle
Enhancing Academic Achievement
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Instilling an Environmental Stewardship Ethic
Encouraging Community and Social Development
Instilling a Sense of Place
What are the Benefits of School Gardens?
The Garden Gate: A Portal to All Your Gardening Endeavors

Created by Kansas Educators and Gardeners
Integral Part of the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence Recognition Program
Kansas School Garden Curriculum
School Garden
Virtual Tours
Sprouting a New Generation of
Environmental Stewardship
KACEE: Serving as the EE Umbrella for the State of Kansas
KACEE: Providing a medium through which programs may be cooperatively developed to promote and encourage the teaching about our environment.
Connecting & Recognizing Environmental Leaders Across the State
KS Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference
Professional Development Workshops
Excellence in Conservation
& Environmental
Education Awards
KACEE in 3 Words.....

Visionary Leadership Charts the Course
KACEE was established in 1969 as a public/private partnership made up of representatives of governmental agencies and organizations with an interest in supporting conservation and environmental education.
" Our vision from the beginning was that everyone who cares about natural resources and the health and well-being of Kansas citizens would get involved. Quality environmental education teaches how to think, not what to think, and this non-biased approach allows for a diverse group of members, partners and participants"
John Strickler, KACEE Founder
Leading Kansas and the Nation in Environmental Education
Today, there are more than 500 organizational and individual members of KACEE that represent governmental agencies, business and industry, colleges and universities, schools and school districts and other non-profit organizations. In addition, our Kansas Green Schools Program serves over 485 Kansas Schools.
"EE organizations nation wide look to KACEE for leadership. We have a strong strategic plan, an incredibly talented staff, a dedicated Board of Directors, a diverse membership, and so many wonderful partners working together to accomplish a lot with limited financial resources."
Laura Downey, Executive Director
pictured in center with KACEE Staff
"If I had not been introduced to KACEE years ago I would not be teaching the way I am today! I love the energy and positive support KACEE has shown me over the years. Your programs are amazing and I will always support and try to bring new teachers to the conferences and trainings! Once you attend one training you are hooked! Keep up the amazing work!"
Stephanie Stark, High School Teacher, Erie, KS
Schools have the opportunity to submit their work and get officially recognized!
"KACEE helped me to build my farming technology program with all kinds of neat activities and resources for school gardens. In the process, they really got to know me and the work I do. In April, they surprised me with the KACEE President's Award. It felt very cool to be recognized for me just being me. It was one of my top 5 events In my life."
Carl Cohen, Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson, KS
KACEE has been recognizing excellence in environmental education through our annual awards program since 1999.
"KACEE's annual conferences are very important for my professional development. I always learn so much and leave feeling refreshed, connected and inspired, ready to take my conservation district education programs to the next level. "
-Keri Harris, (pictured right) Franklin County Conservation District
KACEE's annual environmental education conference has been helping conservation & environmental educators build their networks, gather new ideas & resources, and strengthen their leadership for 15 years.
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