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Carrie Underwood

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Carrie Underwood

When and Where was She Born?
Carrie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983 (34) in Muskogee, OK.
What Were Her Job/s Before Fame?
Carrie Underwood worked at a hotel, pizza parlor, a veterinary office, and a gas station.
Which Album is Her Most Popular Album and Her Least Popular Album?
What Were Her Favorite Songs She Wrote?
Her favorite sad song is "Temporary Home" and her favorite upbeat song is "Cowboy Casanova".
How Many Awards Has She Won?
Carrie Underwood won more than 170 worldwide awards and seven Grammy Awards. She was the second country artist to win the Grammy for best new artist (2007).
Is She Married and does she have kids?
Carrie got married to Mike Fisher (NHL player for the Nashville Predators) They have a child named Isaiah Michael Fisher. He was born in 2015.
Carrie Underwood
Her most popular album was "Some Hearts" which was released in 2005. Her least popular album was "Greatest Hits: Decade #1" which was released in 2014.
Where Did She Play Her First Concert?
She played her first concert at an American Idol competition. (Which she won in 2005)
How Old Was Carrie Underwood When She Started Singing?
She started singing at age 3 in a church.
What Record Label is She Signed With?
-Artista Nashville
-Artista Records
-19 Recordings Inc.
- Capital Records Nashville
What College DI
What College Did She Go To And What Was Her Major?
Carrie Underwood went to Northeastern University. Her major was mass communications.
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