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Tung Nguyen Vinh

on 31 October 2012

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SECRET FOR EXPLOSION OF REALITY SHOWS IN VIETNAM I. INTRODUCTION II. LITERATURE REVIEW In conclusion, literature review of our proposed research makes major contributions to a form of our ideas and deduction. From our own perspective, each article or essay seem not to list enough factors creating the success and popularity of reality shows. Accumulating ideas from a great variety of references, we finally deduce 9 main factors making reality shows attractive to millions of Vietnamese people. III.METHODOLOGY By using questionnaire to interview 106 students or young people,we can see that most of people watch reality shows with the frequency is "sometimes"(65%).The favorite shows are majorly originated from foreign countries(81%).Through the survey,we find out 2 hottest and most attractive shows in Viet Nam are “The voice” and “Vietnam idol”,all these two shows are originated from outside of Vietnam.71% people watch reality shows to relax as a entertainment.Especially,we can see factors that make reality shows interesting,such as:tricks,scale of shows or profession and the most important factor is “talent and personality of candidates” which accounts for nearly 70%.These results are nearly same as our predictions. V. CONCLUSION 3. The percentage of people who sometimes watch reality shows is the highest at about 61%, followed by the proportion of people who usually watch reality shows at roughly a quarter.
This result is out of expected because initially we predict a majority of people usually watch reality shows. However, with the frequency “Sometimes”, we can totally believe in the popular of reality shows. IV. Results & Analysis 1. Participants/ Respondents:
Reasons for the topic: Reality shows are extremely hot and attractive millions of Vietnamese viewers.
Sampling strategy: students or young people 2. Research tools/ Instruments:
Questionnaire: Including questions that relate closely to the situation.
Internet survey. 3. Type of research
As Reality show is a practical topic, program evaluation therefore:
Process: almost qualitative (opinions)
Outcome: applied, Logic: deductive
Purpose: analytical: to answer for the question: “Why are reality shows extremely hot and attractive millions of Vietnamese people?”. The voice has the highest percentage of viewers.
Hop ca tranh tai has the lowest percentage of viewers.
We can see that:
The programs based on original format produced by foreign have higher percentage of viewers.
New program is hot and more attractive to viewer.
In general, the program aired on VTV3 (the voice, vietnam's next top model) has a higher ratio of followers on VTV6 (rainbow, blue dance)
The highly entertaining program is more attractive than traditional programs which focused on professional artistic value. (select singer, mc, professional dancers) This question give us information about reality show's viewers:
Most people(67%) watch reality show for relaxing. They are original viewers. Reality show was aired on golden hour on the weekend, gradually became the spiritual food that can not be the lack of many young people.
A small part(9%) trying to improve their knowledge by watching reality show. They see what other people do not notice. For example:
How to get confidence in front of a crowd.
Basic understanding of some areas such as vocal, mc or dance sport.
How to tell a joke.
How to make a good reality show.
Some people(7%) wish to catch the trend by watching reality show. They want to explore something new.
About 15% of people watch reality show because they don't have anything else to do. Reality shows is the best thing they can get.
The rest (3%) have their own reason for watching reality show. Profession:almost people who are interviewed are relatively satisfied with the profession of reality shows(74%),1/4 of them are not satisfied and only 4% are completely satisfied.It means that reality shows today are high-professioned and viewers relatively satisfied with it. Entertainment:the percentage of people who are quite satisfied with reality shows are 66%,27% are completely satisfied,7% are not satisfied.It shows that viewers are mainly concerned with entertainment of reality shows. Truth:there are only 1% are completely satisfied with reality why most of people who are interviewed are not satisfied(66%).It means viewers are much dissatisfied with reality of reality shows. Necessity:59% are quite satisfied with necessity and there are only 8,4% are completely satisfied.We can infer that viewers are quite pleased with neccessity of reality shows. Diversity:the highest percentage of people are quite satisfied with diversity of reality shows(65%).The smallest percentage are 14%,who are completely satisfied with it.It proves that viewers are quite satisfied with diversity. 4. Procedure & Schedule
What we hope to accomplish (Desired overcome):
4.1. Make clear the main factors influencing and main reasons why Reality shows are extremely hot and attractive to millions of Vietnamese viewers.
The reasons for a fever called “Reality shows” in Viet Nam.
4.2. Find out the most popular reality show in Viet Nam.
So, we draw up questionnaire to research and figure out the answers. Our procedure is closely related to the purposes of our proposed research.
* Schedule: 12 weeks THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!
Nguyen Vinh Tung
Bui Quang Hiep
Pham Van Thanh 1. Proposed research topic The reasons for explosion of reality shows in Viet Nam are the primary focus of this current research. 3. Rationale:
How the content inspires us to accomplish our proposed research is that along with the development of entertainment world, there are more and more reality shows in Viet Nam and they create a fever more than ever. As fans of some reality shows, we want to research and figure out the reasons for explosion of them in Viet Nam. 4. Purposes:
What we hope to accomplish (Desired overcome):
4.1. Make clear the main factors influencing and main reasons why Reality shows are extremely hot and attractive to millions of Vietnamese viewers.
The reasons for a fever called “Reality shows” in Viet Nam.
4.2. Find out the most popular reality show in Viet Nam. 2. Background information
(Overview): - Reality show is one kind of television broadcasting program in a realistic style with a great variety of fields: singing, dancing, model, talent…
- Its content doesn’t depend on particular script so much, which creates surprise for spectators.
- Its content is really variable, surprising, interesting, highly – entertained, dramatic, educated…
- Participants’ thoughts, personalities, emotions, efforts and progress are shown and emphasized, which creates the distinction of reality shows. - Nowadays, in Viet Nam, there are a lot of reality shows: Dancing with the stars, Vietnam next top model, Vietnam got talent, the voice, Vietnam idol, just the two of us…
- Reality shows are really attractive, hot, successful, popular.
- The amount of viewers who are interested in reality shows skyrocketed over the last period of 3 years. 1. Trick (staged): Shock, unbelievable, amazing situations. This is a formula of most reality shows to be more popular because it is very effective with some kinds of people who just want to have fun and entertain. 2. The scale of reality shows: Reality shows are usually invested and sponsored with a large amount of money, huge prices system, luxurious facilities (stage, light, large screen, theme…). Therefore, it can easily attract viewers.
3. Celebrities attendance: Many fans of them will watch reality shows certainly for admiring their idols. 4. Diversified content: interesting, attractive, difficult, more than expected.
5. The messages behind the reality shows: They satisfy one part of viewers. 6. The popularity and success of original versions: Reality shows in Viet Nam - copyrights bought from foreign countries have the same format and good quality.
7. Talent and personalities of candidates: This is an important factor to ensure the success of reality shows. 8. Profession and fairness of judges: professional to provide a lot of useful knowledge, fair to evaluate each candidate as well as contribute to a creation of vitality and distinction of each reality show.
9. MC: hot, good-looking, beautiful voice, flexible, skillful to lead up the reality show.
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