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2014-15 HHS Senior Presentation

Class of 2015 (Sept. 2014)

Michelle Cortes

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of 2014-15 HHS Senior Presentation

Meet your counselors
Mrs. Rosenblatt
ESOL and 504 Plan Students
Graduation requirements

Diploma options

Bright Futures scholarships

Community service

Scholarships and financial aid

Recommendation letters

College applications

NCAA Clearinghouse

Other post-secondary options
Graduation Requirements
26 total credits

2.0 cumulative unweighted GPA

FCAT Reading exam

Pass Algebra 1 EOC

See you at
Additional Diploma Pathways
State Merit Diploma
Credits needed to graduate
Florida Academic Scholars (FAS)

State Standard Diploma
PLEASE NOTE: Only students who have completed all testing and credit requirements will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.
In addition to all State Standard Diploma requirements, students must obtain one
or more industry certifications.
State Scholars Diploma
Meet all requirements for the State Standard Diploma
Algebra 2
Statistics or an equally rigorous math course
1 science course equally rigorous to Chemistry or Physics
2 consecutive years of the same World Language
1 credit A.P., D.E., or industry certification
Pass all EOCs (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, and U.S. History)
SCPS Scholars with Distinction
Meet all requirements for the State Scholars Diploma
3 consecutive years of the same World Language
6 credits of A.P., D.E., or an approved industry certification with an A or B.
1 credit in Experimental Research, completion of extended essay, senior
portfolio/project, 4th World Language credit OR 1 additional A.P. or D.E. Credit.
Minimum cumulative 3.75 weighted GPA

3.5 Weighted GPA based on 16 core credits
ACT: 29 or SAT: 1290
100 community service hours
Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)
3.0 Weighted GPA based on 16 core credits
ACT: 26 or SAT: 1170
75 community service hours
Florida Gold Seal Vocational (GSV)
Scholarship available for 2-year programs only
3.0 Weighted GPA based on 16 core credits
Minimum 3 credits in a single Career and Technical Education (CTE) program
3.5 unweighted GPA in CTE courses
30 community service hours
Minimum sub-section scores on ACT, SAT or PERT
You may check your Bright
Futures status at:

Counselors will be working with seniors
in December or January to assist with the
Bright Futures
application process.
FCAT Retakes will be offered in October 2014

Students who have not yet passed the FCAT may use
an SAT or ACT concordant score:

SAT Reading: 430
ACT Reading: 19
Algebra 1 EOC retakes will be offered in September 2014
Students who have not passed the Algebra 1 EOC
may use a PERT concordant score

PERT Math: 97
How do I register for the SAT or ACT?

Community Service Requirements
Agency must be approved by SCPS
Maximum of 4 locations
Minimum 25 hours per location
Information and application may be found in Upper House Guidance & on the HHS website under the "
" tab
Application must be completed and returned along with service log and essay to Mrs. Cullen in Upper House Guidance

4 English
4 Math (while in high school)
4 Science (including Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
3 Social Studies
World History
U.S. History
Economics with Financial Literacy (.5)
U.S. Government (.5)
1 Performing/Fine Art
.5 Personal Fitness
.5 P.E. Elective
9 Electives

1 Virtual school course
If you are taking any
courses via

you must
complete the class by
May 1, 2015
to ensure
the credit is posted
to your transcript.
Visit Blackboard course "HHS College & Career Info."


Do not complete this form until
after Jan. 1, 2015
Use this site ONLY for FAFSA!

Please see your school counselor with any questions!
If using hours for
Bright Futures
it is suggested that students submit hours and documentation by

December 2014
Deadline to submit all service hours and documentation is
May 1, 2015
So you need a recommendation letter?
Submit a request to your counselor and/or teacher at least
three weeks

in advance of the date you need the letter.

Forms are available in Upper House Guidance and on the HHS website
Fee waivers are available for students on free or reduced lunch.
Please see your counselor for more information.
Need SAT and ACT Test Prep?
*ACT charges $24.95 per year for their on-line test prep program
*Khan academy offers free on-line SAT test prep
Stop by the Upper House Guidance Office and see your counselor!
*Khan academy offers free on-line SAT test prep
*ACT charges $24.95 per year for their on-line test prep program
May 20, 2015
How to find a college that fits you
Upcoming College
Events and Information
Essays and personal statements are
very important
to colleges, especially to the most selective schools. And they're increasing important to a wide range of institutions.

Essays serve as a measure of your writing ability and provide information about your personal background that is not revealed through your application or transcript alone.
Myth: Essays aren't really important to college admissions
Colleges are watching...
Use a professional e-mail address
(first name.last name@email.com)
Be aware of what you and others post to all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

College Applications
Dr. Gordon Chavis
Associate V.P Enrollment Services
University of Central Florida
Thursday, October 15, 6:00 pm
HHS Auditorium
Seminole State College Night
Wednesday, October 8, 5:30-7:00 pm
Heathrow Campus
be sure to stop by the bulletin board outside of the
Upper House Guidance Office
to sign up for
college visits
This is a great opportunity to learn about colleges and speak with admissions counselors regarding the admissions process and student life for each school.
Apply early!
Most schools accept applications on-line
Check college/university websites for deadlines
Take your time completing your application
Be accurate, honest and neat.
Review grammar and spelling!
When you have completed your application, ask someone to review it and check for errors.
Have your test scores (AP, SAT, ACT) sent directly to the colleges to which you are applying.
Print a paper copy for your records
Think of your application essay as your opportunity to demonstrate your uniqueness to colleges and stand
out form your peers.
College Athletics
If you are an athlete and plan to participate in a sport in college,
you need to register with the
NCAA Eligibility Center
as soon as possible.

You are responsible for taking the necessary academics courses and sending
any test scores directly from the testing service.
For eligibility information and to register please visit:
What else is out there?
Armed Forces
Meet with a recruiter
Take the ASVAB when offered at HHS
two-year degree programs
There are many opportunities for lucrative career choices at local vocational and state colleges

Search for certificates and degrees on the schools' websites and see your counselor with any questions.
I don't know what I want to be when I grow up!
Florida Choices
website is a great place to start!
Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board outside of the Upper House Guidance office
National College Fair
Sunday, October 12, 1:00-4:00
Mrs. Toro
Last names A-K
Mrs. Cortes
Last names L-Z
Mrs. Isaacs
ESE Students
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