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Chapterwise Summary of The Canterville Ghost

No description

Angela Thomas

on 25 July 2015

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Transcript of Chapterwise Summary of The Canterville Ghost

Chapter I
The Family Otis from USA decided to purchase Canterville Chase from England, however the Lord Canterville warned Hiram Otis of the existence of one ghost.
Chapter I
The Otis family was recived by Lady Umney the housekeeper.
Chapter II
The Otis family decided to walk around the castle.When they arrived at the library of the castle they saw a blood stain in front of the fireplace.
Chapter II
Lady Umney explained to the family about blood stains. But Washinghton cleaned the bloodstain with Pinkerton's Champion Stain Remover brought from USA.
The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Castle
The Canterville Ghost
Chapter II
That night the Canterville Ghost decided to scare the Otis family by clanging his chains.
Chapter II
Hiram Otis came out of his room and offers a bottle of Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator for oiling therusty chains of the Canterville Ghost.
Chapter II
The Ghost fled down the corridor.Just when he reached the top of the great oak staircase,a door was flung open and the twins apperared. A large pillow whizzed passed his head.
Chapter III
The next day the ghost decided to make a second appearance to the family by using the medieval armour.
Chapter III
The twins discharged two pellets on the ghost. Lucretia Otis gave a bottle of Dr. Dobell's tincture to the ghost.This makes the ghost angry and he decides to disappear again.
Chapter III
The ghost decided to scare the whole family except Virginia.The Canterville ghost went to Washington's room and to his surprise saw a horrible spectre. The canterville ghost flees to his hideout because he had never seen another ghost in the Chase.
Chapter III
The next day, the canterville ghost decided to ally with the other ghost, but the strange ghost was another joke put up by the twins.
Chapter IV
The blood stain continued appearing in library. One day the bloodstain appeared green which was of interest to the Otis family.
Chapter IV
The following days, the ghost walking for the castle corridors, but the twins made him pranks.
Chapter IV
For revenge, the ghost decides dress up of headless ghost and scare the twins.
Chapter IV
But on entering to the room of the twins, fell one bucket with water, the ghost fled to his hideout and lasted several days sick.
Chapter V
The Duke Stilton and Virginia rode horses, when the dress of Virginia rip.
Chapter V
Virginia back in the house for behind of castle, when on at the kitchen, she find the canterville ghost.
Chapter V
Virgina and the ghost talked about of the strange things that were happening in the castle.
Chapter V
The ghost asks a please to Virginia, she should crying and pray, because him couldn't cry and hadn't faith, and Virginia accepts.
Chapter VI
After days of searching, Virginia appears in a crack of the wall, carried with her one box and explains to the family the canterville ghost soul rests.
Chapter VII
Finally Virginia never she told what happened in the hiding ghost, just said thank you for teaching him the value of life.
Shortly after the Otis family had gone to bed they were alarmed by a fearful crash in the hall.They rushed dow the stairs and saw the ghost rubbing his skins and also found the armour detached from its stand.
Chapter III
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