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CKO - Con-Way


Doug Chase

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of CKO - Con-Way

Project KICK-OFF con-way IntroductIons For four winds interactive project manager: Doug Chase signage architects: BRidger DeVille, Dave Levitt network engineer: Mark wase trainer: doug chase? For con-way: project manager: Steve van de steene I.T. and networking: steven creative/marketing: colleen and kara PROJECT SCOPE System Architecture Creative Requirements Timeline Network requirements I.T. Readiness Call creative call creative work and
signage architecture h a r d w a r e i n s t a l l a t i o n template delivery
and installation quality assurance
and debugging project close-out April 14, 2010 May, 2010 content manager content player database content repository XML or MS SQL Pre-install Checklist Branding:
Logos, EPS or vector formats

Style Guides
Colors and design elements

Display orientation and resolution
Vertical or horizontal?
What resolution?

Maps - vector or CAD format

Events lists and Live Data
Data sources, layouts, desired information

Other assets
Flash "ads?"
Protocols: Windows File and Print Sharing, HTTP

User access to the Signage file share on the Player PCs

Permissions, Active Directory integration

Cat5 to Player locations

Installation and configuration of Content Manager software

Connections to displays Training Creative submission Template design
Develop three static employee communications templates
1. Full-screen video
2. Daytime "city drivers" template
3. Evening "line haul" template
4. Full-screen "scorecard" template - 3-4 page PDF display
Deploy to 50 locations
+ Seven signs at Ann Arbor location

Train the Trainer Training
June 1, 2010 May 26, 2010 Presenting to management team Roll-out con-way freIGHT
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