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Sarah Campbell

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Twilight

Bella comes to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. At her new high school, one guy catches her eye. His name is Edward and Bella instantly becomes mesmerized by his appearance. She ends up falling in love with him, and finds out that he is a vampire. Another major conflict is when a deadly vampire, James, breathes in the scent of her blood, and wants to kill her. The external conflict is when vampires come into her life, and James wants to kill her. The internal conflict is when Bella decides whether or not to go save her mother, and sneak past Alice and Jasper, or Stay put and wait for Edward to come. (James played a trick on Bella and pretended that he took her mother. Edward was on a plane trying to get to Bella.)
Positive Parts
By: Stephenie Meyer

Negative Parts
Twilight held my attention and interest the whole time I was reading it. However, at one part of the book, Edward said that it wasn't good for him and Bella to be friends. Even though he was only trying to protect her. And then later on he can't stay away from her. It wasn't my favorite part of the book. I also didn't like it when Bella almost got lost in Port Angeles, and a group of men were crowding her.
The Cullens go hide Bella in Phoenix, Arizona for safety from James. James is the evil vampire and wants to kill Bella because her scent is "impossible to resist." James then lures her into one of his traps, and hurts Bella really badly. And as soon as he bites her, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper come and kill James. Carlisle takes Bella to the hospital where Bella tells her mom that she wants to stay in Forks. Edward takes Bella to prom after she heals from James' attack.
Direct Characterization
In Twilight, the main character, Bella, is described in a lot of ways. She is constantly described as clumsy. Edward once called her stubborn, and a lot of people called Bella pale. The vampires also say that Bella's blood smells good. She gets surprised a lot, like when Jacob told her about old legends with the Cullens and his pack.
Indirect Characterization
Bella is shown that she is physically weak, yet mentally strong. She doesn't seem to like the attention given to her, like on her first day of school when everyone paid attention to her.
Book Rating
I give this book a 10 because it held my interest really well and the author had included a lot of detail. It was a well written story also. I would recommend this saga to anyone who likes romantic and fantasy books.
There were a couple of positive parts. One was when Edward came back from his "trip" in Alaska, when really he wanted to get away from Bella. Then he introduced himself and started asking Bella a lot of questions to get to know her. I also liked it when Edward took Bella to his house and played on the piano and even dedicated a song to her!
The mood of the story was changed a lot. In the beginning, nothing really happened so the reader might have been bored reading it. But towards the end, the reader wanted to know more. This makes the overall theme full of suspense and surprise.
Twilight- The first part of the forbidden love saga leaving you on the edge of your seat...
[From Movie]
Bella Swan - Main Character. Narrator of the book. New girl, and daughter of Chief Swan.
Edward Cullen - Other main character. He is a vampire in the Cullen family.
Charlie Swan - Supporting character. He is known to the small town of Forks as Chief Swan. He is the father of Bella.
The Cullens - [From left to right] Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper. The nice family of vampires that moved to Forks from Alaska.
Jacob Black - Bella's close friend from when they were little. His family and the Cullens are enemies.
Bella's friends - [From left to right] Jessica, Eric, Angela and Mike. They were the first people to make friends with Bella and invited her into there group.
Evil Vampires - [From left to right] James, Laurent, and Victoria. They want to kill Bella. In book 1, its James who wants to kill her. Laurent doesn't want to do that so he tell the Cullens and Bella about his plan.
There's More?!
The well known story, Twilight, that later on became a movie wasn't the only part. This story is just the beginning of the forbidden love saga.
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