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Propaganda Poster Analysis

No description

Persephone Chung

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda Poster Analysis

Poster Analysis. Propaganda Who is
the Poster? Who is the
Audience? What is the
Meaning and
War Aim? Use of
SYMBOLS Propaganda
Techniques The End! Great Britain! On the poster, England's flag is represented on the fat man's vest, indicating that this is in fact an English propaganda poster. ... is the sponsor of this poster. The English People
= Targeted Audience -Poster from Great Britain -Therefore targets mainly the men who are able to join the British army Depiction of soldiers indicates that this poster was intended for recruitment of army men Purpose:
Recruitment! The slogan is trying to convey that being absent from the army is a very negative thing because you're not fighting for your country Images of a line of soldiers implies that they are respected Englishmen that all the men of England should be. Testimonial. Technique Poster depicts John Bull pointing at the audience, associating him with the war cause. John Bull is the English national personification well-known throughout the nation. "Who's Absent?
Is it you?" Bandwagon Slogan makes the audience feel obliged to join the war effort Implies that everyone should be joining in because it's the right thing to do. because everyone is attending the war effort John Bull, the national personification of England. Use of his image to evoke nationalistic feelings. English flag. Slogan in a question. causes guilt in those who are not in the war effort. Thus encourages citizens to enlist Uncle Sam as well as the English flag he's wearing are nationalistic symbols of England. These symbols make the Englishmen feel obliged to enlist for war. Fear and Guilt Technique The slogan of the poster aims to cause those who do not participate in the war to feel guilty. An accusatory finger that points at the audience also adds to the effect. A finger pointing at the audience aims to evoke the feeling of guilt in the audience as well.
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