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Fall 2013 Workshop

Monica Fogle

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of REGISTRATION

Teach Me How To Register
I do NOT have a Hold on my student account
Registration Opens:
November 3rd - SENIORS

November 4th - JUNIORS

Course Schedules
Degree Audit
Found in Connections

List of required courses for your major (and to graduate)

Shows what you have and have not taken

Check this list when choosing classes
If you currently owe more than $1,500 to Webster, contact the Bursar's Office. A balance higher than this on your account may result in a Hold placed on your registration which would prevent you from taking any courses.
I know my Connections username and password
If you do not have your login credentials, contact the IT Service Desk.
If you have not met with your advisor, contact your advisor right away. You can find your advisor information on your Biographical screen in Connections. If your advisor information is blank, contact us at (314) 968-6972 or visit the Academic Advising office in the lower level of the Garden Park Plaza Garage.
I have met with my academic advisor and have a Plan of Study, which guides me on which classes to take
I have checked the Course Schedule and am ready to register
If you do not see the course(s) you need, contact your advisor.
Registration Checklist:
Importance of meeting with your Advisor
Have a plan... it may change, but that's okay!
Take care of your Holds
Connections Overview
How To Register
Use this to help plan out your class schedule!
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