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The Turritella Sea Shell Project

No description

Tristan Rodriguez

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of The Turritella Sea Shell Project

The Turritella sea shell By TristanRodriguez And TJ The name of our Sea shell is the Turritella sea shell or screw shell The colors the shell can be is Brown, Gray, Black Light Purple Our shell is purple and brown like this The size of theTurritella Sea Shell is at average 6cm to 6.5 cm the longest is 8 to 17cm long!! Yes an animal lived in it the animals are a Sea snail and a Hermit crab Our shell's pattern is purple then brown then purple again and it goes on until it fades into a white point It is not a rare shell but it is very difficult to get a specimen in the shell The hardness level of the shell is 6 out of 10 The shininess level of the shell is 3 out of 10 the texture of the shell is smooth and bumpy like The Greeks discovered the turritella shell You can't hear noise in the shell You can find the shell in the Lofoten Isles, south to the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa The shell can be used for jewelry and it can be screwed like a screw TJ's Paragraph 1st paragraph: I picked the shell because it looked better than the other shells. It stood out to to me because it was a different color than the other shells. 2nd paragraph: If this shell could tell a story it would probably say that it once lived on the back of a sea snail and then the snail died and I got washed up to the shore on Ocracoke Island then a lady came by and picked me up and put me in a box near some more shells and that is my story Tristan's paragraph I chose my shell because of its long bumpy shape and of its good likeing colors. If my shell could tell a story it would say After I was made I was put on the back of a sea snail and was lifted away after long period of time it died. Then I was floated away to Ocracoke Island . Then a person that I now know as Mrs. Uvalle picked me up and put me in a box and I ended up here 2nd paragraph If you could not see my shell I would describe is as a long light purple shell with a bumpy texture.
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