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The Treasure of Lemon Brown (Using Holt)

Narrative Element Analysis

Aaron Schlaegel

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown (Using Holt)

The Treasure of Lemon Brown MOOD "The dark sky, filled with angry, swirling clouds, reflected Greg
Ridley’s mood as he sat on the stoop of his building. His father’s voice came to him again, first reading the letter the principal had sent to the house, then lecturing endlessly about his poor efforts in math…

Greg sat in the small, pale green kitchen listening, knowing the lecture would end with his father saying he couldn’t play ball with the Scorpions…

That had been two nights before. His father’s words, like the distant thunder that now echoed through the streets of Harlem, still rumbled softly in his ears" (491). Where and when does most of the story take place? Describe the setting.

Quote a 2-4 sentence passage from the story that provides a lot of setting detail.

What is the weather like at the beginning of the story? What is it like at the end?

How does the change in weather reflect what’s happening in the story?

How would the story change if it were set in an old barn on a farm? A brand new apartment building? SETTING "For a moment Greg thought he heard something that sounded like a scraping against the wall. He listened carefully, but it was gone. Outside the wind had picked up, sending the rain against the window with a force that shook the glass in its frame. A car passed, its tires hissing over the wet street and its red taillights glowing in the darkness. Greg thought he heard the noise again. His stomach tightened as he held himself still and listened intently. There weren’t any more scraping noises, but he was sure he had heard something in the darkness— something breathing!" (492). What mood does the author create just before Greg meets Lemon Brown?

List 2-3 setting details from the story that contribute to the mood.

Describe the change of the mood from the start of the story to the very end.

How does the author's word choice contribute to the mood in the scene where Lemon Brown is at the top of the stairs? POV "The night had warmed and the rain had stopped, leaving puddles at the curbs. Greg didn’t even want to think how late it was. He thought ahead of what his father would say and wondered if he should tell him about Lemon Brown. He thought about it until he reached his stoop, and decided against it. Lemon Brown would be OK, Greg thought, with his memories and his treasure" (498). Do we hear Greg’s thoughts and feelings in the story? What about Lemon Brown’s?

Is the story told from a 1st person, 3rd person limited, or 3rd person omniscient point of view? Give textual evidence (quote a 1-4 sentence passage from the story that clearly illustrates the point of view).

How would the story be different if Lemon Brown was the narrator? PLOT Check for Understanding Questions
Why did Greg get in trouble with his father?

Where did Greg go instead of his room?

Describe (in your own words) how Greg meets Lemon Brown.

Describe Lemon Brown with at least three details. Use text evidence to support your answer.

What do the thugs want from Lemon Brown?

What “Treasures” are important to Lemon Brown? Why are they important to him?

As the story draws to a close, what are Lemon Brown and Greg doing (or about to do)? CHARACTER Who are the two main characters? Also, what other characters appear in the story.

What does Greg think of Lemon Brown when he first meets him? How does Greg’s opinion change?

What do we know about Greg? What two character traits describe him? Give textual evidence (what does he say or do to show this personality trait).

What change does Greg go through from the beginning to the end of the story? Why do you think he smiles at the end of the story, if he knows his father will be lecturing him? Bonus Questions:
In what way is Lemon Brown, a role model for Greg? Does this story change your feelings toward homeless people? Why or Why not? INTERPRETATION "I didn't have nothing to give him except these things that told him who I was, and what he come from. If you know your pappy did something, you know you can do something too" (497). What does Lemon Brown mean when he tells this to Greg?

What did Lemon Brown have to give his son? Use textual evidence.

What could Greg get from his father?
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